W&M Digital Archive Acceptable File Formats

About File Formats

Only specific formats of materials can be recognized and supported by the W&M Digital Archive for long term preservation and access. Generally, file formats can be grouped into three groups: supported; known; and unsupported.

Supported File Formats

Supported formats are those that we “will make usable in the future, using whatever combination of techniques (such as migration, emulation, etc.) is appropriate given the context of need”. Simply said, for those supported formats, we will do whatever possible to maintain access to these materials as technology changes over time.

Known File Formats

Known formats can be viewed currently in the W&M Digital Archive, but there is no guarantee regarding continued access to these items over time. It is suggested that materials in known formats be migrated to supported formats for long-term access when possible. For instance, if you have a text document in Word or WordPerfect, it should be converted to PDF before being uploaded to the W&M Digital Archive. Efforts will be made by the W&M Digital Archive to ensure access to known file formats, but submitters are encouraged and in some cases required to convert to a supported format.

Unsupported File Formats

Unsupported formats cannot be viewed currently in the W&M Digital Archive. If your materials are in an unsupported format, please contact Swem Library Special Collections for assistance and to discuss submitting your materials to the W&M Digital Archive.

List of File Formats by type of document

Textual and text-based documents:

Adobe PDF .pdf (supported)
Comma Separated Values .csv  Supported
Fixed Field Text Data .dat; .asc  Supported
HTML .html; .htm  Supported
MSWord, PowerPoint, Excel .doc; .ppt; .xls  Known
PostScript .ps; .eps; .ai  Supported
Rich Text Format .rtf Supported
Tab Separated Values .tab  Supported
Text .txt  Supported
WordPerfect .wpd Known
XML .xml  Supported


Bitmap .bmp  Known
GIF .gif  Supported
JPEG .jpeg; .jpg  Supported
Photoshop .psd; .psdd  Known
PNG .png  Supported
TIFF .tiff; .tif  Supported


AIFF .aiff; .aif;, .aifc  Supported
Audio/Basic .au; .snd Known
MPEG Audio .mpa; .abs; .mpeg Supported
MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 .mp3  Known
RealAudio .ra; .ram  Known
WAV .wav  Supported

Moving images:

MPEG .mpeg; .mpg; .mpe  Supported
Video Quicktime .mov; .qt Supported

Statistical programs:

R Binary File .rdata; .Rdata  Known
R Syntax File .r; .R  Supported
SAS Syntax File .sas  Supported
SAS System File .sas7bdat; sd1; sd2; sd7; .ssd; .ssd01; ssd04  Known
SAS Transport File .xpt; .cport; .v5x; .v6x; .v7x  Known
SPSS Portable File .por Known
SPSS Syntax File .sps  Supported
SPSS System File .sav Known
Stata Binary File .dta Known
Stata Syntax File .do  Supported

Other applications:

FilemakerPro .fm  Known
LateX .latex  Known
MARC .marc; .mrc  Supported
Mathematica .ma  Known
Microsoft Project .mpp; .mpx; .mpd (known) Microsoft Visio .vsd  Known
SGML .sgm; .sgml  Known
TeX .tex  Known
 TeXdvi .dvi  Known