Thesis & Dissertation Submission

Graduate Theses and Dissertations

Arts and Sciences, School of Education, and School of Marine Science

Beginning 2016, Arts & Sciences, the School of Education, and School of Marine Science adopted electronic theses and dissertations (ETD) submissions.  With ETD adoption, W&M Libraries no longer requires A&S, SOE, and SMS students to submit print copies of their theses and dissertations for the archives and circulating collection.

The electronic theses and dissertations are archived and will be made accessible in our Institutional Repository (IR), W&M Publish.

Please refer to the individual schools for information about submitting your thesis or dissertation electronically:


Undergraduate Honors Theses

Beginning Spring 2014, electronic copies of honors theses will be submitted to W&M Libraries' new online scholarship repository, W&M Publish.  W&M Libraries will no longer accept paper copies of honors theses. All fall-spring Honors students must upload the final version of their thesis to W&M Publish.

Documents to include with Honors submission:

  • Final version of your thesis, including the cover sheet, in PDF format; and
  • Cover sheets should not be signed, but should have the names of all committee members.

See full instructions and submit your thesis here.


Print Copies of Theses or Dissertations

Personal Copies

W&M Libraries will not bind personal copies of your thesis or dissertation. You will have an option to order a bound copy when you submit your final draft to the William & Mary ETD Administrator website.  If you choose not to order one at the time of submission, it is your responsibility to find an outside vendor if you choose to have a personal copy bound later.  Online vendors like Lulu or local companies like Long's Roullet Bookbinders, Inc provide many printing options for you to choose from. 

Departmental Copies

With the change to electronic theses and dissertations, W&M Libraries no longer provides departmental copies or copies for branch/departmental libraries, as we provide free online access to our ETDs.  If a department is interested in having bound copies, the department may purchase titles directly from ProQuest or use the variety of options listed under personal copies.

W&M Libraries takes no responsibility for the use of these services.  Those who elect to have a bound copy made do so at their own discretion.