Blog Backlogs

In the world of archives, the topic of backlogs always comes up: Do you have one? How big is it? What are your plans to attack it?

Well, here in Swem's Special Collections, we don't have a backlog in our Manuscripts Collections or in the University Archives (we tackled those in 2008-2009), but if you've been following our blog the last couple of weeks you will have noticed we are posting a backlogofblog posts. We were lax in posting to the blog during the spring semester as other goings-on had our attention. Then, we were considering moving or retiring this blog, so we held off on posting.

We've decided to keep this blog and you will see some improvements in the coming weeks with posts from our staff as well as continuing posts from our graduate students. We hear a sprucing up of the look of the blog is also coming our way. A refresh is always a good thing.

Let's celebrate with a little dance courtesy of the Common Glory.