Nuevos Borders Argentinos : Antología Cartonera donated to Swem Library

The generosity of Eloísa Cartonera and the relationship of Professor of Hispanic Studies Regina Root with this publishing cooperative has brought the book Nuevos Borders Argentinos : Antología Cartonera to the Rare Book Collection in Swem Library's Special Collections Research Center. Eloísa Cartonera emerged after the 2001 economic crisis in Argentina. Nuevos Borders Argentinos is the first title from this cooperative and the first handmade Argentine book in Swem's Special Collections. Prof. Root shared the following about this title and publishing in Argentina:

"It might be significant that this book was given to us to start our collection.  Argentine cultural policy holds firm that no public institution in Argentina may purchase foreign published books.  In fact, most newspapers and magazines have stopped reviewing foreign published books as a result.  In the process, a growing sense of solidarity between folks who share their creative and scholarly works has emerged... In other words, this acquisition was part of a trade, but one that was all book.  This all adds a new twist to the global context of publishing.  Some recent history: . ...  The publishing cooperative was prominently showcased by the government, too, with workshops open to those who wished to help make books alongside its cooperative members."




Swem Library's copy of Nuevos borders Argentinos : antología cartonera
Swem Library's copy of Nuevos borders Argentinos : antología cartonera (2013).


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Eloísa Cartonera book production
Picture from the display and workshop depicting the art of the book, Tecnópolis, Villa Martelli, Argentina, April 13, 2013. Tecnópolis was built on the site of an old military base. Courtesy of Regina A. Root.