New Accessions, 11/15/2010-11/30/2010

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January 11, 2011

Here are the new collections accessioned by the Special Collections Research Center from 11/15/2010 to 11/30/2010:

  • Swem Library Records (Acc. 2010.695): An addition to the Earl Gregg Swem Library Records, UA 32.
  • VHS tape of Swem Library Events (Acc. 2010.696): An addition to the University Archives Audiovisual Collection, UA 58.
  • Presidents Park Materials (Acc. 2010.697): Contains two postcards and a business card from Presidents Park in Williamsburg, Virginia. A part of the Williamsburg (Va.) Ephemera, Mss. 1.09. Also contains one t-shirt, part of the Manuscripts Artifacts Collection, Mss. 1.03.
  • College Seal decal (Acc. 2010.698): An addition to the University Archives Artifacts Collection, UA 13.
  • Randall S. Hawthorne Papers (Acc. 2010.699): Contains photographic prints and negatives of various events feturing the College of William and Mary men's and women's Track and Field and Cross Country teams. The track and field photographs contain both indoor and outdoor meets. Some of the meets represented are the Penn Relays, Colonial Relays, and the Colonial Athletic Association Championships. Also included in this accession are an indoor track and field program featuring William and Mary versus the Naval Academy and a brochure announcing the Pete Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund at William and Mary. An addition to the Randall S. Hawthrone Papers, UA 5.144.
  • Herbert Ganter photographs (Acc. 2010.700): Contains black and white photographs taken by Herbert L. Ganter, class of 1927, on a trip through Europe between June and December 1924. The images include landscrapes, buildings, historic landmarks, and locals from England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. An addition to the Herbert L. Ganter Papers, UA 6.068.
  • Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society Minute Book (Mss. Acc. 2010.701): Minute book, 1862-1865, of the Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society of Monroe, Michigan.  Includes minutes of the Society, whose purpose was to "furnish such hospital stores as are not known to be furshined by the general government."  This would typically involve making packages and shipping them to the hospitals of various armies.  Also includes list of members, constitution, and bylaws of the organization. Among the members is listed are Elizabeth Bacon, the wife of George Armstrong Custer. She was elected treasurer of the organization on 20 October 1863.
  • Joseph Dilworth Diary (Mss. Acc. 2010.702): Diary, 1814-1815, of Joseph Dilworth, a Quaker schoolmaster of Chester County and Germantown, Pennsylvania.  Includes detail about spiritual anguish and his battle with consumption.  Also included is his reaction to the news of the burning of Washington, D.C., by British soldiers on 24 August 1814. The final entry in this diary was written by a different hand than the bulk of the diary. Also included is the flyleaf from an unidentified diary, dated 1807, as well as miscellaneous excerpts of poetry.
  • A.J. Lawrence Account Book (Mss. Acc. 2010.703): Account book, 1857-1883, of A. J. Lawrence, a metal-worker from East Weymouth, Somerset, and Taunton, Massachusetts.  Includes details of his hours, wages, what he produced, and his observations of labor unrest and strikes.  He worked at Weymouth Iron Company, the Mt. Hope Iron Company, Reed & Barton, and A. Field & Co.
  • E. H. Hook Diary (Mss. Acc. 2010.704): Diary, 1820-1871 (predominantly 1820-1825), of E. H.Hook of Bridgewater, New Hampshire.  The early entries concentrate on Hook's work and his courtship of Louisa Lovejoy, who eventually became his wife.  It also includes the major events in Hook and Lovejoy's lives, including moves, military service, and others.
  • Lewiston & Auburn Musical Union Account Book (Mss. Acc. 2010.705): Account book, 1899-1917, of the Lewiston & Auburn Musical Union of Lewiston, Maine.  Includes information on rent on studio space, subletting that space, membership dues, recital ticket sales, whist games, lectures, and banquets.  Also includes information on their expenses, such as newspaper advertisments, janitor sercies, rent, and purchases of music.  Also includes cancelled checks written by the organization.
  • Fall Cookout on the James Form and Program (Acc. 2010.706): Contains material related to the 2010 Fall Cookout on the James, held by the Pulaski Club. An addition to the Pulaski Club Records, Mss. Acc. 1990.03 , 1993.16, 1994.36.
  • Bronze Relief of Lyon Gardiner Tyler (Acc. 2010.707): An addition to the University Archives Artifacts Collection, UA 13.
  • Swem Library, Deans Files (Acc. 2010.708): An addition to the Earl Gregg Swem Library Records, UA 32.
  • William Welling Papers (Mss. Acc. 2010.709): Primarily contains materials relating to various projects of William Welling.  Includes materials relating to the history of photography including photocopies, clippings, and notes, seemingly in preparation for his book "Photography in America : the formative years, 1839-1900."  Also includes materials relating to other projects, photographs and negatives, and copies of various magazines and journals, such as "In Focus" and "Photographic America."
  • Richard Rabenstein Diary (Mss. Acc. 2010.711): Diary, 1942-1944, of Richard Rabenstein of Chester, West Virginia.  Rabenstein was born on 5 December 1933, meaning that he was 8 when he started keeping this diary.  Discusses events at school, at his church, scores of football and basketball games, the weather, and other issues.