College Camp 1775

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April 14, 2014

campus camp plaqueCol.  Patrick Henry marked out an area “behind the College” for the Virginia Militia camp during the period 1775-1781.  This indicates that the camp was behind (west) of the Wren Building which was always referred to as “the College” in the eighteenth century.

The College Camp was the camp of the 5th Regiment of the Virginia Line until it marched to the north in September 1776, and was replaced in Williamsburg by the 7th Regiment.  Evidence indicates that other units were also located in the camp.  Many pension applications contain depositions that refer to the College Camp.

The plaque was dedicated on October 9, 1976 during Homecoming Weekend.  It was donated by the Society of the Alumni and the Alumni College of 1976.  It is placed on a brick pillar leading to the Sunken Garden.

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