Black History Month Research

National African American History Month celebrates the achievements and  contributions that African Americans have made to American history in their struggles for freedom and equality.  W&M Libraries support the study of Black history all year and invite you to explore some of our library resources for insight.

Aluka-African Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes- Struggles for Freedom in South Africa. Are you interested in looking at what South Africans were up against before they gained their freedom?  Take a look at the acts which bolstered apartheid and how the entire system of segregation evolved.  Aluka – Struggles for Freedom in South Africa offers a wide variety of resources illustrating how South African blacks suffered….. and fought back to gain a better life for themselves.

Federal Surveillance of African Americans - Real and perceived African American radicalism in the 20th century, including the federal scrutiny, harassment, and prosecution to which African Americans of all political persuasions were subjected. From the files of the FBI. An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1920-1984.

African American Newspapers, 1827-1998- Broad coverage of African American history, culture, and daily life. Newspapers from over 35 states. Coverage: 1827-1998.

America: History & Life with Full Text -Provides full text coverage of the history and culture of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. Includes nearly 200 journals and 100 books, selective indexing for over 1,700 journals, and abstracts in English of foreign language articles.

American Periodicals Series Online- Digitized images of American magazines and journals with searchable full text. Coverage: 1741-1940.

American History in Video- See videos featuring some of the leaders of the Civil Rights movements and coverage of the ongoing struggle for black voting rights in American History in Video.  This database is a vast reservoir of interviews, documentaries, and news releases showing some of the major blacks in modern history and the issues affecting them in this country.

Baltimore Afro-American-  One of the most widely circulated African American newspapers on the Atlantic Coast. News articles, photos, advertisements, obituaries, cartoons, etc. Full page and article images with searchable full text. Coverage: 1893-1988.

Black Economic Empowerment: The National Negro Business League-  Founded by Booker T. Washington to enhance the economic prosperity of the African American community. Assorted documents. An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1901-1928.

Chicago Defender-  Leading African American Newspaper with more than two-thirds of its readership outside of Chicago.

Chicago Tribune, 1849-1990 – Digital reproductions of every page from every issue in PDF format.  Full page and article images with searchable

Federal Response to Radicalism in the 1960s - Civil rights and anti-war movements, communism, Black-nationalist and white-supremacist “hate” groups, the Socialist Workers Party, and American radicalism. Documents from the files of the FBI. An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1956-1971.

Historical Abstracts with Full Text- All aspects of world history (excluding the US and Canada) since 1450. Journal articles, books, reviews, conference proceedings, dissertations, etc. Coverage: 1954-presen

New York Amsterdam News -African American newspaper, published weekly in New York City. News articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, cartoons, etc. Full page and article images with searchable full text. Coverage: 1922-1993.

Norfolk Journal and Guide- One of the best researched and well written African American newspapers of its time. News articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, cartoons, etc. Full page and article images with searchable full text. Coverage: 1921-2003.

Slavery & Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive-  Includes collections on the transatlantic slave trade, the global movement for the abolition of slavery, the legal, personal, and economic aspects of the slavery system, and the dynamics of emancipation in the U.S. as well as in Latin America, the Caribbean, and other regions. Part 1. Debates over slavery and abolition; Part 2. Slave trade in the Atlantic world; Part 3. The institution of slavery; Part 4. The age of emancipation.

Sociological Abstracts- Sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. Citations to journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers. Some cited references are included. Coverage: 1952-present.

Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007- This digital collection documents key aspects of the history of slavery worldwide over six centuries, with 16 key areas of focus: slavery in the early Americas; African coast; the Middle Passage; slavery and agriculture; urban and domestic slavery; slave testimony; spiritualism and religion in slave communities; resistance and revolts; the Underground Railroad; the abolition movement and the slavery debate; legislation and politics; freed slaves, freedmen and free black settlements; education; slavery and the Islamic world; varieties of slave experience; slavery today and the legacy of slavery. The collection also includes case studies from America, the Caribbean, Brazil, and Cuba.

Southern Literary Messenger: Literature of the Old South - Journal published in Richmond. Southern history, European history, military history, secessionism, states’ rights, and slavery issues. An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1834-1864.