Much of Cuba’s media culture has been hidden from view, particularly for those in the U.S.  At William & Mary, we have been working to change this, showcasing the island’s films, filmmakers and graphic designers through our collecting practices and innovative collaborations.  Our broad network of partnerships, developed over the past quarter-century, has positioned us to amass a robust collection of physical and digitally-born materials. In addition to collecting videos, posters, photographs and more, we have been creating an expansive array of resources, among them filmed interviews, subtitled documentaries, translated film scripts, original videos and curricula. The Cuba Media Project at W&M Libraries is making these resources widely available.  

Our efforts to document Cuba’s shifting cultural landscape and our collaborations have yielded tangible results: preserving cultural patrimony, expanding the knowledge of this important body of work, experimenting with digital humanities practices, modeling new pathways for academic libraries, and fostering creativity—that of students and scholars, our Cuban partners, our own, and so many others.  The Cuba Media Project is participating in bringing our countries closer together. 


  • Preserve Cuba’s media culture, providing an access point for existing collections
  • Support Cuban filmmakers and artists in reaching wider audience 
  • Experiment with new learning modalities for generating discoveries
  • Explore the changing role of academic libraries and the potential of digital humanities practices to forge connections and address real world issues 
  • Chronicle the rich history of Cuban media at W&M and communicate aspirations for the future