Past Exhibits

  • Students in Professor Gérard Chouin's Fall 2014 HIST 282 Medieval African History course developed original posters illustrating the theme "Medieval Africa in History."
  • Conducting historical research in animal studies presents some unique challenges. Non-human animals did not leave diaries or letters behind for historians to piece together life from the animals' perspectives. Therefore, researchers have to rely on materials produced by humans to access the historical lives of animals.
  • During her travels as a freelance photographer, Doris Baker was fascinated by the cultures of other countries, and the photographs she took during her excursions bring to light the lives of those she encountered.
  • Senior art students in Professor Nicole McCormick Santiago's ART 460 Senior Exhibition course each selected one of their sketches from the summer sketchbook project to be featured in an exhibit in Swem Library. Students were responsible for mounting and installing their own artwork and labels to learn about preparing their own artwork for exhibition.
  • October is Filipino American History Month and is a time to reflect on the Philippines history and culture, and allow all Americans the opportunity to learn and appreciate the Filipino and Filipino American contributions.
  • This exhibit features student artwork from two Spring 2014 courses in Chinese calligraphy taught at William & Mary.
  • Drawing from Special Collections’ University Archives holdings, this exhibit highlights selected articles, lectures and other events on William & Mary’s campus from the 1940s-1960s, that relate to the struggle for equality for all Americans.