Past Exhibits

  • A Selection of Materials from Special Collections

    This exhibit features a selection of the varied materials found in Swem Library's Special Collections, arranged from A to Z.
  • Together Serving Others, October 2011-October 2015

    The artwork displayed in this exhibit commemorates the 40th Reunion of William & Mary's Class of 1975 and the culmination of the Staying Connected initiative.
  • The Nancy H. Marshall "A Visit from St. Nicholas" Collection

    Continuing our annual tradition, this year’s exhibit showcases the variety of form that has proliferated since the poem’s publication more than 180 years ago.
  • Contemporary artists respond to Upton Sinclair's classic text The Jungle, which portrays the wretched conditions for works and animals in the Chicago meat-packing industry of the early 20th century.
  • 35 Years of Virginia Hip-Hop History and Culture

    This exhibit explores Virginia's 35 years of hip-hop history through oral histories, curated playlists, artifacts, posters, and other archival materials in the William & Mary Hip Hop Collection.
  • Slavery at William & Mary is a chapter that until recently had often been left out of written histories. From its founding in 1693 to the outbreak of the Civil War, the college owned, hired out, and rented slaves.
  • Fish Collection at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science

    Through its 56-year history, the VIMS collection has grown from an uncatalogued teaching collection to one of the largest repositories for freshwater, Chesapeake Bay, and coastal fishes in Virginia.