Past Exhibits

  • Conceived as a demonstration of American Cold War consensus, the Civil War centennial revealed how divided the country remained 100 years after Fort Sumter.
  • Integration at William & Mary was not achieved simply with the acceptance of the first students of color; instead it has been a decades-long process.
  • Experience the history of intercollegiate sports at the College of William & Mary through 20th century photographs.
  • This exhibit provides a history of the College as seen through the eyes of its presidents.
  • Playing, learning and surviving during the Civil War: These are the stories of Charley, Willie, Nell, Lizzie and many others.
  • Whether things disappeared due to rivalry, thievery, or more mysterious reasons, someone cared enough to return them to the college, and many once lost treasures now make their home in Swem Library’s Special Collections Research Center.
  • Although there were isolated incidents of arrests and bad feelings, the occupation of the Historic Triangle was neither cruel nor oppressive.