Past Exhibits

  • This exhibit features research and artwork from current and emeriti faculty members in the Art and Art History Department.
  • These environmentally inspired paintings, by Professor Emeritus Maynard Nichols, highlight the important issue of climate change, which increasingly occupies the attention of environmentalists, scientists, the media, and Congress.
  • Little known, as is the case for far too many of the women who worked in the trenches, these eight Peninsular women worked in their communities and brought about change from which we all still benefit.
  • The Quebec Act was a response not to the misbehavior of unruly Bostonians, but rather to the challenges of governing the French, Catholic, and Amerindian inhabitants of the vast North American territories acquired by Britain in the Seven Years’ War.
  • In celebration of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, we invite you to explore the ways in which competition and community have shaped past Games.
  • This exhibit features student poetry inspired by items from the extensive holdings of Swem’s Special Collections.
  • This exhibit examines Glenn Close’s enduring connections as a member of the Tribe through primary source documents in Swem Library’s Special Collections.