Endowments help provide steady income to support our collections and other library activities.  An endowment creates a gift in perpetuity for the library; named library collection endowments (for materials acquisition) are possible with an investment of $25,000, and other library endowments (for technology, human resources, and other purposes) may be established with a minimum contribution of $100,000.  Endowment gifts can be created through an outright gift, a pledge, or as part of a planned gift.  Additionally, we provide the most affordable endowment option for donors to the College.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is a permanent fund established by a donor for a specific purpose.  Each year, only the interest received on the initial investment is spent.  The principal gift remains intact and is invested for long-term growth.  You may wish to establish an endowment to ensure that your charitable purposes are accomplished in perpetuity. 

Here is an example of how an endowment supports Swem:

Ruby and Rawls Byrd graduated from William and Mary in 1926 and 1918, respectively.  Established in 1974, the Ruby and Rawls Byrd Library Endowment continues to provide general support for Swem Library from the interest of this initial donation.  The Byrds' care and generosity as lifelong stewards of the College and Swem Library is reflected by their wonderful endowment. By establishing an endowment, you can be like Ruby and Rawls Byrd.

To create a new endowment, please contact our office.