Naming Opportunities

We have a multitude of naming opportunities.  There are many staff positions that can be named, as well as many opportunities within the building itself, since its renovation and expansion in 2005. There are numerous study spaces, public areas, and galleries that remain available.  If you are interested in exploring these options,  please contact the External Relations Office.  We would be happy to discuss them with you.


24-Hour Study Lounge/Mews Cafe $250,000
3rd Floor Rotunda Gallery $250,000
Botetourt Theatre Renovation $1,000,000
Dean's Office $TBD
Group Study Rooms $20,000 each
Group Viewing Room $20,000
Individual Study Rooms $10,000 each
Information Commons $1,000,000
Lounge Areas $25,000 each
Media Center Collaborative Media Studios $50,000 each
Media Center Large Collaborative Studio Suite $75,000
Media Center Studio Suite $350,000
Preservation Center $50,000
Staff Offices $25,000 each
Read and Relax Area Section $75,000 each
Special Collections Classroom $100,000
Special Collections Reading Room $400,000
Study Areas $25,000 each