Swem Acquires Facsimile Chinese Art Scrolls

Art and Art History Assistant Professor Xin Wu looks forward to developing new lectures and seminars in landscape painting -- thanks to a new collection of facsimile Chinese art scrolls.

The scrolls, seminal works which will serve as valuable research materials for Professor Wu's classes, were purchased with a $2,000 grant from the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), a "consortium of university, college, and independent research libraries."  The grant, part of CRL's Scholars' Access Program, provided Swem with the opportunity to purchase scrolls which focus on the development of landscape paintings in China from the 10th to the 19th centuries.   The works selected were:

  • Hsu Tao-ning: Evening Songs of the Fishermen
  • Chao Kan: Travellers along the River in the First Snow
  • Selected Masterpieces from the Sung, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties (8 scrolls)

These scrolls will be displayed by the library's Special Collections Research Center on the library's 1st floor, beginning April 16, 2012, in conjunction with scrolls purchased through the Confucius Institute and a showcase of student calligraphy from Professor Liping Liu's Chinese Calligraphy class.


Hsu Tao-ning: Evening Songs of the Fishermen

The College of William & Mary, as a CRL member, has access to the consortium's specialized collections and services which support advanced research and teaching needs.  Library patrons have access to CRL resources in two ways: the library can borrow materials from CRL through its interlibrary loan service, and more than 16,000 electronic CRL sources are available in the library catalog.

For more information about the new art scrolls, please contact Special Collections.

--Cathy Reed, Director of Collections, and Mary Schmotzer, Assistant to the Director of Development, Swem Library