University Libraries' Planned Pause

Given the pressures and higher tempo of the last eight months, many W&M employees have struggled to find time to rest, refocus and plan. Therefore, the university is piloting a “planned pause” over the winter break. The pause will give employees the space to slow down, recharge and reflect.

Many companies, non-profits, and governmental agencies pause from time-to-time to accomplish a variety of goals that advance their mission. The activities undertaken typically include rest, reflection, assessment, innovation, professional development and planning. These pauses may involve shutting down for a period of time, lowering the tempo, day- or week-long training programs, retreats, celebrations and planning sessions.

William & Mary Libraries has scheduled its planned pause for Dec. 7-23:

  • Dec. 7-11: Swem Library will be closed. However, library staff will continue to work in the building. Click & Collect, curbside pickup, online chat, and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) will not be available.
  • Dec. 14-18: Swem Library will be closed. Staff will continue to work in the building. Library users will be able to request and pick up library materials through ILL and curbside pickup service. Curbside pick-up will be available from 9-11 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Online chat will not be available.
  • Dec. 21-23: Swem Library will be closed. Click & Collect, curbside pickup, online chat, ILL will not be available.

The university will be closed Dec. 24-Jan. 1 for winter break. Swem will re-open on Monday, January 4.