Theses & Dissertations Digitization Project

William & Mary Libraries worked for two years on a project to digitize and catalog W&M dissertations and theses going back to 1920 and up until 2015.  The project helps to accomplish many goals:

  • share the developments and research conducted here with scholars around the world
  • preserve the scholarly record
  • increase the impact of theses and dissertations
  • raise the profile of graduate students
  • grow the reputation of William & Mary
  • demonstrate the institution’s impact on local and global communities

As of October 22, 2018, you are now able to view the dissertations and theses included in this retrospective project as well as those which have been submitted electronically since 2016 in W&M ScholarWorks, the university's open access institutional repository.

Below, please find a list of W&M theses and dissertations which have been digitized as part of this retrospective conversion project . The information includes the authors associated with the project, along with their degree-granting department and year of completion. If you wrote a thesis and/or dissertation between 1920 and 2015 would like to opt-out of the project by restricting access to your work to on-campus access only, then you will need to contact with your name, date of graduation and thesis or dissertation title. Theses and dissertations will continue to be made available through interlibrary loan (ILL) to other libraries, as they were when they were available in print. If you are a copyright holder for one of these works, and would like to provide additional information about a work, or discuss rights and access to the work, please contact us at

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Title Author Department Year Degree
A comparison of meristics and morphometrics between two strains of pond cultured striped bass (Morone saxatilis) Gornak, Steven. Marine Science 1991 Master of Arts
A comparison of natural and laboratory diets for the culture of marine invertebrate larvae American oyster, Crassostrea virginica, queen conch, Strombus gigas, and milk conch, Strombus costatus Brooke, Sandra Dawn, 1963- Marine Science 1996 Master of Arts
A comparison of parent effectiveness training and behavior modification parent training groups on behavior change in target children : self-concept, family interaction, and patterns of behavior change Pinsker, Mark A., 1949- Education 1977 Doctor of Education
A comparison of ratings of the clinical competency of recent graduates of associate and baccalaureate degree programs in nursing Stanton, Carol Joan Magby, 1937- Education 1982 Doctor of Education
A comparison of ribosomal ribonucleic acid using disc electrophoresis Mohler, Carolyn Gene, 1944- Biology 1968 Master of Arts
A comparison of size selectivity and relative efficiency of sea scallop trawls and dredges Rudders, David B., 1970- Marine Science 1999 Master of Science
A comparison of the chlorinated hydrocarbon content of surface and subsurface samples in the York River, Virginia Lake, James L. 1944- Marine Science 1972 Master of Arts
A comparison of the critical thinking dispositions of arts and non-arts undergraduates Lampert, Nancy Ann. Education 2005 Doctor of Education
A comparison of the effects of Head Start with and without the use of a newly developed resiliency-based curriculum McGee, Elizabeth Holt, 1972- Psychology 1997 Master of Arts
A comparison of the effects of open-ended and consensus seeking group discussion processes on the moral judgment of dental hygiene students Rettie, Lindsay Lorimer, 1935- Education 1981 Doctor of Education
A comparison of the effects of the Couple Communication II Program and a Family of Origin Workshop on marital satisfaction and individual autonomy Chambers, Floyd Allen, 1928- Education 1986 Doctor of Education
A comparison of the herpetofauna of four different-aged wooded stands Rosa, George Joseph, 1955- Biology 1979 Master of Arts
A comparison of the impact of selected individualized curriculum organizations on faculty perceptions, student attitudes, and student achievement McCormick, Michael T. Education 1976 Doctor of Education
A comparison of the perceptions of the characteristics of secondary teachers by black and white secondary school students in an urban school district Sizemore, Robert Wilson, 1942- Education 1979 Doctor of Education
A comparison of the performance of students prepared for study at Old Dominion University through a developmental program with those accepted directly from secondary schools Villaire, Nathaniel Elias, 1940- Education 1991 Doctor of Education
A comparison of the polarization observables for the d(-->e,eʹ-->p) and p(-->e,eʹ-->p) reactions at quasi-free kinematics McIntyre, Justin I., 1966- Physics 1996 Doctor of Philosophy
A comparison of the predictive ability of selected variables upon success on the American Society of Clinical Pathologists medical technology registry exam Somma, Carmine Thomas, 1943- Education 1988 Doctor of Education
A comparison of the relative efficiencies of reinforcement and trait-expectancy theories in the prediction and control of self-esteem Dooley, David Edward, 1936- Education 1976 Doctor of Education
A comparison of three wetland evaluation methods in their assessment of nontidal wetlands in the coastal plain of Virginia Chaun, Melissa Claire, 1969- Marine Science 1995 Master of Arts
A comprehensive treatment of the chemistry of the aliphatic lead derivatives Klug, William J., 1910- Chemistry 1932 Master of Arts
A computer-assisted instruction program in mathematics Lawrence, William Lindsay, 1947- Applied Science 1973 Master of Science
A conservative enigma : Barry Goldwater and the Republican Party, 1953-1974 Craven, Michael John, 1968- History 1994 Master of Arts
A consideration of idealism in Joseph Conrad's Heart of darkness and Lord Jim Thompson, Wilbur Lee, 1949- English 1978 Master of Arts
A construct validity study and comparison of four measures of Eriksonian ego identity development Burt, Charles E., 1951- Psychology 1982 Master of Arts
A content analysis of state legislative responses to educator assault Arkin, Jamie Heider. Education 1999 Doctor of Education
A content analysis of the attention to microcultural factors in selected multicultural education college textbooks used in the United States Baugh, Sandra Farmer, 1947- Education 1992 Doctor of Education
A correlated LM/SEM method for the morphological characterization of gene expression in Xenopus laevis Rochmis, Laura, 1970- Biology 1995 Master of Arts
A correlational study of dimensions of organizational conflict, management styles, and burnout among directors of special education in Virginia Livers, Allan Fleming. Education 2003 Doctor of Philosophy
A correlational study of female national certified counselors and their attitudes toward homosexuals Kennedy, Jelane A., 1961- Education 1994 Doctor of Education
A correlational study of school principals' perceptions of self-efficacy and the availability & quality of gifted programming in their schools Lloyd-Zannini, Louis Paul, 1950- Education 2001 Doctor of Philosophy
A critical examination of practices and perceptions of current performance evaluation models for theatre arts teachers in Virginia Nowacek, Shelley L. Education 2008 Doctor of Education
A critical look at minority student preparation to counsel white clients Haskins, Natoya Hill, 1979- Education 2011 Doctor of Philosophy
A critical study of black parents' participation in special education decision-making Freeman-Nichols, Tamara Lynn, Education 2013 Doctor of Education
A critique of Hugo Grotius's introduction to the jurisprudence of Holland Slinkard, Frank Gilbert, 1963- Government 1992 Master of Arts
A critique of Ronald Inglehart's theory of cultural shift Horning-Kossler, William, 1965- Government 1994 Master of Arts
A critique of the labeling approach : toward a social theory of deviance Mattson Croninger, Robert Glenn, 1951- Sociology 1976 Master of Arts
A cross-cultural comparative study of teacher effectiveness : analyses of award-winning teachers in the United States and China Xu, Xianxuan. Education 2011 Doctor of Philosophy
A cross-cultural comparison of selected medical students' perceptions of issues related to battered women Strickland, Anita, 1917- Sociology 1995 Master of Arts
A cultural analysis of furniture-making in Petersburg, Virginia, 1760-1820 Prown, Johnathan, 1961- American Studies 1993 Master of Arts
A demonstration of photoresponsiveness in laboratory rats using whole animal and neuroendocrine approaches Sylvester, Christopher John, 1972- Biology 1997 Master of Arts
A description and an appraisal of a course of study in sex education for junior high school Christian, Sue Booker. Education 1950 Master of Education
A description and analysis of male-male interaction behavior in the lizard, Anolis lividus Stevenson, Philip H., 1958- Biology 1982 Master of Arts
A description of selected characteristics of Virginia community college graduates from Associate in Applied Science degree programs, 1966-1971 Phillips, James Christopher, 1942- Education 1974 Doctor of Education
A descriptive case study of appreciative inquiry as an approach to strategic planning for special education in a public school Ruhlman, Paul L., 1974-, Education 2014 Doctor of Education
A descriptive investigation utilizing a family systems perspective to study elementary school children who frequently become seekers of nurse support (S.O.N.S.) and their families Fletcher, David Bruce. Education 1986 Doctor of Education
A descriptive study of offices of institutional research in Virginiaʼs public senior colleges and universities Jordan, Janie C., 1936- Education 1976 Doctor of Education
A descriptive study of sex-trait stereotypes of lay church members for women clergy Mueller, Loretta A., 1945- Education 1989 Doctor of Education
A descriptive study of teacher perceptions of self-efficacy and differentiated classroom behaviors in working with gifted learners in Title I heterogeneous classrooms Tyler, Kimberly M. Education 2006 Doctor of Philosophy
A descriptive study of the reproductive biology of the veined rapa whelk (Rapana venosa) in the Chesapeake Bay Westcott, Erica S., 1977- Marine Science 2001 Master of Science
A desire for fired clay from far away : analysis of ceramics from a seventeenth-century domestic site in Bridgetown, Barbados Gibson, Anne M. Anthropology 2010 Master of Arts