Theses & Dissertations Digitization Project

William & Mary Libraries worked for two years on a project to digitize and catalog W&M dissertations and theses going back to 1920 and up until 2015.  The project helps to accomplish many goals:

  • share the developments and research conducted here with scholars around the world
  • preserve the scholarly record
  • increase the impact of theses and dissertations
  • raise the profile of graduate students
  • grow the reputation of William & Mary
  • demonstrate the institution’s impact on local and global communities

As of October 22, 2018, you are now able to view the dissertations and theses included in this retrospective project as well as those which have been submitted electronically since 2016 in W&M ScholarWorks, the university's open access institutional repository.

Below, please find a list of W&M theses and dissertations which have been digitized as part of this retrospective conversion project . The information includes the authors associated with the project, along with their degree-granting department and year of completion. If you wrote a thesis and/or dissertation between 1920 and 2015 would like to opt-out of the project by restricting access to your work to on-campus access only, then you will need to contact with your name, date of graduation and thesis or dissertation title. Theses and dissertations will continue to be made available through interlibrary loan (ILL) to other libraries, as they were when they were available in print. If you are a copyright holder for one of these works, and would like to provide additional information about a work, or discuss rights and access to the work, please contact us at

Showing 101 - 150 of 5288 entries
Title Author Department Year Degree
A dialectical analysis of role enactment during the emergency period of natural disasters Myers, Kristen Anne, 1967- Sociology 1990 Master of Arts
A different drum : the forgotten tradition of the military academy in American education Sanftleben, Kurt Allen, 1952- Education 1993 Doctor of Education
A dinner at the Governor's Palace, 10 September 1770 Malone, Mollie C., 1974- American Studies 1998 Master of Arts
A direct reaction multiple scattering pion-nucleus optical potential Lucas, Charles William, 1942- Physics 1974 Doctor of Philosophy
A distinctive chest of drawers : using material culture to interpret the past and the present Johnston, Jessica Williams, 1969- American Studies 1996 Master of Arts
A distorting mirror : Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre Morey, Laura Ellen, 1966- English 1993 Master of Arts
A dollar book for a dime! : the vernacular of cheapness and the Beadle dime handbooks Adams, Sarah Elisabeth. American Studies 2012 Master of Arts
A dress of the right length to die in : mortuary and memorial practices amongst Depression-era tenant farmers of the Piedmont South Alderman-Tuttle, Zoey. American Studies 2012 Master of Arts
A dutiful obedient wife : the journal of Elizabeth Foote Washington of Virginia, 1779-1796. Parris, Linda Eileen, 1961- History 1984 Master of Arts
A dynamic failure model for performimg propagation and infection analysis of computer programs Voas, Jeffrey Mark, 1963- Computer Science 1990 Doctor of Philosophy
A dynamical perspective on enzymatic catalysis Shang, Shiying, 1977- Chemistry 2002 Master of Arts
A fatal enigma? : the reception of smallpox inoculation in colonial Massachusetts by Monika Drake Patten. Patten, Monika Drake, 1963- History 1990 Master of Arts
A floristic study of Hone Quarry watershed, Rockingham County, Virginia Roe, Gerald Francis, 1943- Biology 1977 Master of Arts
A formal analysis of the clay pipes from Green Spring Crass, David Colin, 1958- Anthropology 1981 Master of Arts
A formula for predicting the angular distribution of thick target bremsstrahlung Scott, William Wayne, 1937- Physics 1965 Master of Arts
A framework for construction and analysis of juvenile abundance indices for American shad (Alosa sapidissima) in the York River, Virginia Aiken, Mary Lynn, 1975- Marine Science 2000 Master of Science
A framework for implementing bioinformatics knowledge-exploration systems Hayes, John A., 1979- Applied Science 2004 Master of Science
A friend to go between them : interperters among the Iroquois, 1664-1775 Hagedorn, Nancy L., 1958- History 1995 Doctor of Philosophy
A general theory of economic flow, social exchange, and hegemonic relationship Grenda, Donn Robert, 1966- Anthropology 1992 Master of Arts
A general theory of electron detachment in negative ion collisions Wang, Tzuu-Shin. Physics 1983 Doctor of Philosophy
A genetic analysis of the intraspecific relationships of tropical marine shorefishes common to Bermuda and the southeastern Atlantic Coast of the United States Johnson, Kelly R., 1977- Marine Science 2003 Master of Science
A genetic and morphologic comparison of Macoma balthica from the eastern and western North Atlantic Meehan, Brian W. 1954- Marine Science 1984 Doctor of Philosophy
A genetic investigation of population structure and phylogenetics of the benthic polychaete Paraprionospio pinnata in Chesapeake Bay Stubbs, Julie Beck, 1977- Marine Science 2003 Master of Science
A girl such as I am : A study of women in Anthony Trollope's Palliser series Renko, Catherine Ann, 1959- English 1993 Master of Arts
A GIS spatial analysis of the potential conflict between submerged aquatic vegetation management and the development of shellfish acquaculture in the lower Chesapeake Bay Grignano, Laura Ann, 1967- Marine Science 1994 Master of Arts
A good book is a blessing : the life and reading of Frances Whittle Lewis in antebellum America Geiger, Brian Keith, 1968- History 1998 Master of Arts
A good mind, well stored : medicine, society, literature, and sensibility in the journal of Abigial May, 1800 Chambers, Thomas A. History 1994 Master of Arts
A graine of marveilous great increase : a political landscape approach to Powhatan maize production and exchange in seventeenth century Virginia Risse, Danielle Christine, 1977- Anthropology 2007 Master of Arts
A grammar-based technique for genetic search and optimization Johnson, Clayton Matthew, 1964- Computer Science 1996 Doctor of Philosophy
A guy telling a long wild tale : the masculine myth in Kerouac's On The Road Collins, Paul Steven, 1969- English 1993 Master of Arts
A handsomely improved place : economic, social, and gender-role development in a backcountry town, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1750-1810 Ridner, Judith A. History 1994 Doctor of Philosophy
A helium discharge detector for the determination of organosulfur and phosphorus compounds Tieman, Tamara L., 1969- Chemistry 1992 Master of Arts
A history of governance at Lee College : a study in Pentecostal higher education Stephens, Raphael Weller, 1940- Education 1981 Doctor of Education
A history of printing in colonial Virginia Mitchell, Bernard Elwood. History 1929 Master of Arts
A history of railroads in Virginia, 1850-1860 Naugle, Mark, 1900-1956. History 1932 Master of Arts
A history of taxation in colonial Virgina 1607-1775 Forrest, Dennis Dryden, 1902- History 1931 Master of Arts
A history of the Eastern State Hospital of Virginia under the Galt family (1773-1862) Siske, James Harding, 1928- History 1949 Master of Arts
A history of the relationships between the state of Virginia and its public normal schools, 1869-1930 Emerson, Bruce, 1921- Education 1973 Doctor of Education
A history of the southern boundary line of Virginia Tyler, Walter Eugene, 1908- History 1937 Master of Arts
A history of the Virginia Academy of Science, 1923-1945 Staggers, Harry Joseph, 1943- History 1966 Master of Arts
A house divided : brothers and the problem of balance in the stories of John Cheever Raney, David Alan, 1959- English 1986 Master of Arts
A journey from West Africa to slavery : African-American life during the eighteenth-century Broyles, Teresa Ann, Education 1993 Master of Arts
A kinetic examination of 1,3-di-t-butyl-3-methylbromoallene solvolysis Ellis, Dwight Ellen Foster, 1949- Chemistry 1973 Master of Arts
A kinetic study of the oxidative addition of simple alkylvinyl triflates to tetrakis (triphenylphosphine) platinum(o) Longford, C. P. Desmond, 1963- Chemistry 1989 Master of Arts
A kinetic study of the solvolysis of 1-chloro-1,3,3-triphenylpropadiene Hixon, Sharon Conley, 1943- Chemistry 1970 Master of Arts
A knowable world : America, the city, and the thematics of book five of William Carlos Williams' Paterson De Béarn, Gaston, 1966- English 1996 Master of Arts
A land not exactly flowing with milk & honey' : swan river mania in the British Isles and Western Australia , 1827-1832 Niendorf, Matthew John History 2016 Master of Arts
A learning-based approach to exploiting sensing diversity in performance critical sensor networks Keally, Matthew Alexander. Computer Science 2012 Doctor of Philosophy
A legacy of inaction Menna, Robert Gordon. History 2010 Master of Arts
A literature of combat : African American prison writers of the Vietnam era Weber, John William, 1978- History 2002 Master of Arts