Theses & Dissertations Digitization Project

William & Mary Libraries worked for two years on a project to digitize and catalog W&M dissertations and theses going back to 1920 and up until 2015.  The project helps to accomplish many goals:

  • share the developments and research conducted here with scholars around the world
  • preserve the scholarly record
  • increase the impact of theses and dissertations
  • raise the profile of graduate students
  • grow the reputation of William & Mary
  • demonstrate the institution’s impact on local and global communities

As of October 22, 2018, you are now able to view the dissertations and theses included in this retrospective project as well as those which have been submitted electronically since 2016 in W&M ScholarWorks, the university's open access institutional repository.

Below, please find a list of W&M theses and dissertations which have been digitized as part of this retrospective conversion project . The information includes the authors associated with the project, along with their degree-granting department and year of completion. If you wrote a thesis and/or dissertation between 1920 and 2015 would like to opt-out of the project by restricting access to your work to on-campus access only, then you will need to contact with your name, date of graduation and thesis or dissertation title. Theses and dissertations will continue to be made available through interlibrary loan (ILL) to other libraries, as they were when they were available in print. If you are a copyright holder for one of these works, and would like to provide additional information about a work, or discuss rights and access to the work, please contact us at

Showing 151 - 200 of 5288 entries
Title Author Department Year Degree
A look at the management information system at the Office of Economic Opportunity : the planning, programming budgeting system as it applies to a human resource development program Monroe, Alexander G. 1941- Government 1969 Master of Arts
A looking glass for England : the Elizabethan reception of French political thought, 1562-1590 Williams, Emily Jane, 1951- History 1975 Master of Arts
A mathematical model for small tidal streams capable of simulating both short-term and long-term water quality variations Williams, Stephen Anthony, 1952- Marine Science 1983 Master of Arts
A mathematical model of Chincoteague Bay, Virginia Vaccaro, John Joseph, 1951- Marine Science 1976 Master of Arts
A mathematical model of tau protein hyperphosphorylation : the effects of kinase inhibitors as a theoretical alzheimer's disease therapy Blank, Patrick Neil, Chemistry 2015 Master of Science
A matter of degree : mid-career professional training for museum workers in the United States & Great Britain Tramposch, William Joseph. Education 1985 Doctor of Education
A measure in terms of income of the ability to pay for public free education, and of the effort exerted by the counties and cities in Virginia, school year 1947-1948 Harpine, Robert Stanley, 1917- Education 1950 Master of Education
A measure of the neutron electric form factor at very large momentum transfer using polarized electrons scattering from a polarized helium-3 target Kelleher, Aidan Michael, 1975- Physics 2010 Doctor of Philosophy
A measure of their devotion : women and gender in Civil War Virginia Gillin, Kate Fraser Côté, 1970- History 1997 Master of Arts
A measurement of neutrino oscillations with muon neutrinos in the Minos experiment Coleman, Stephen James. Physics 2011 Doctor of Philosophy
A measurement of the branching ratio of K0(L)-->mu+mu- Witkowski, Michael Thomas, 1963- Physics 1993 Doctor of Philosophy
A measurement of the decay rate for the process kaon(L) going to positive muon negative muon Kenney, Christopher John, 1960- Physics 1989 Doctor of Philosophy
A mediational model of the creative process Lucena, Nathaniel, 1981- Psychology 2007 Master of Arts
A medley of contradictions : the Jewish diaspora in St. Eustatius and Barbados Miller, Derek Robert, Anthropology 2013 Doctor of Philosophy
A mental health survey of four hundred white children of the sixth grade in the Portsmouth public schools Greenfield, Eugene, 1905- Psychology 1943 Master of Arts
A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of educational treatment programs for emotionally disturbed students Rosenbaum, Claire Millhiser, 1934- Education 1983 Doctor of Education
A method for evaluating the long-term, cumulative impacts of tidal marsh alterations : the York River system, a case study Zacherle, Andrew W. Marine Science 1984 Master of Arts
A method of evaluating a planning, programming, budgeting system (PPBS) : a case study of Virginia Union University Harris, Ruth Coles, 1928- Education 1977 Doctor of Education
A minister in all but name : the letters of Martha Gerrish (1689-1736) Philyaw, Jessica, 1965- History 1990 Master of Arts
A mission in transition : legitimacy, philosophical fit and student affairs cultures Hughes, Kevin Michael, 1969- Education 2004 Doctor of Philosophy
A mode of correcting the existing evils : swindlers, inland passage tickets, and the federalization of immigration policy in the Antebellum United States Fitzgibbon, Joseph Patrick, History 2015 Master of Arts
A model of carrying capacity and ecosystem impacts in a large-scale, bivalve-dominated agro-ecosystem : hard clam aquaculture in Cherrystone Inlet, VA Kuschner, Michael A., 1987- Marine Science 2015 Master of Science
A model study of hydrodynamic and water quality characteristics of the Rapphannock Estuary, Virginia Park, Kyeong. Marine Science 1993 Doctor of Philosophy
A model study of the effects of bathymetric alterations on shoreline wave energy distribution Frisch, Adam Arthur, 1954- Marine Science 1979 Master of Arts
A model to predict institutionalization of school-business partnerships Flowe, Ronald M., 1946- Education 1989 Doctor of Philosophy
A modern sediment budget for the continental shelf off the Waipaoa River, New Zealand Miller, Andrea J. Marine Science 2008 Master of Science
A molecular analysis of Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) stock structure Lynch, Abigail J., 1983- Marine Science 2008 Master of Science
A molecular phylogeny of the Echeneoidea (Perciformes: Carangoidei) and an investigation of population structuring within the Echeneidae Gray, Kurtis N., 1975- Marine Science 2005 Master of Science
A molecular phylogeny of the genus Bonamia based on sequence data of the ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene complex White, Delonna M., 1982- Marine Science 2008 Master of Science
A molecular study of the mitochondrial genome and invasions of the veined rapa whelk, Rapana venosa Chandler, Emily A., 1978- Marine Science 2007 Master of Science
A molecular technique for specific identification of Western Atlantic Ocean scombrids and an analysis of a larval scombrid assemblage off the Kona coast of Hawaii Paine, Melissa A., 1978- Marine Science 2006 Master of Science
A more perfect sympathy : college students and social service 1889-1914 Mieras, Emily, 1968- American Studies 1998 Doctor of Philosophy
A Morphological study of the pharyngeal sac of two species of stromateid fishes : perrilus triacanthus and P. paru Sminkey, Thomas R. Marine Science 1986 Master of Arts
A multi-method investigation of approach and avoidance temperaments : self-report, physiological, and daily diary measures Dombrowski, John Thomas, Psychology 2014 Master of Arts
A multidimensional model of sociosexuality James, Jenée, 1978- Psychology 2004 Master of Arts
A mycobacterium-inducible Nramp in striped bass Morone saxatalis Burge, Erin Jeffrey, 1974- Marine Science 2003 Doctor of Philosophy
A nation's wail their requiem! : memory and identity in the commemoration of the American Civil War dead, 1865-1870 Bell, Diana Williams, 1980- History 2005 Master of Arts
A national study of curriculum policies and practices in gifted education Chandler, Kimberley Lynn. Education 2004 Doctor of Philosophy
A national study of professional standards in special education teacher preparation programs using the standards adopted by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Council for Exceptional Children Waegerle, Dawn Colleen Johnson, 1955- Education 1990 Doctor of Education
A national study of scientific talent development in Singapore Quek, Chwee Geok, 1959- Education 2005 Doctor of Philosophy
A national survey of policies and practices regarding the performance evaluation of public school educators Geiger, Carole Beat. Education 2001 Doctor of Philosophy
A new approach to the synthesis of PVC graft copolymers Chen, Guangde, 1981- Chemistry 2005 Master of Science
A New England state of mind : identity and commodification in Yankee magazine, 1935-1942 Sargent, Andrew Robert. American Studies 2011 Master of Arts
A new face on the countryside : Indians and colonists in the southeastern forest Silver, Timothy, 1955- History 1985 Doctor of Philosophy
A new hope for the Republic Chew, Richard Smith, 1969- History 1992 Master of Arts
A new media game : challenging the minimalist consensus Castleberry, Carolyn. Government 1994 Master of Arts
A new packet filter : fast packet filtering by exploiting CISC and SIMD ISA Wu, Zhenyu, 1982- Computer Science 2007 Master of Science
A new people in an age of war : the Kahnawake Iroquois, 1667-1760 Green, Gretchen Lynn, 1962- History 1991 Doctor of Philosophy
A novel test of the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis Ebers, Jessica H., Biology 2014 Master of Arts
A nuclear magnetic resonance study of deuterated poly(vinylidene fluoride) and a copolymer of deuterated vinylidene fluoride and tetrafluoroethylene Doverspike, Montee A., 1955- Physics 1986 Doctor of Philosophy