Theses & Dissertations Digitization Project

William & Mary Libraries worked for two years on a project to digitize and catalog W&M dissertations and theses going back to 1920 and up until 2015.  The project helps to accomplish many goals:

  • share the developments and research conducted here with scholars around the world
  • preserve the scholarly record
  • increase the impact of theses and dissertations
  • raise the profile of graduate students
  • grow the reputation of William & Mary
  • demonstrate the institution’s impact on local and global communities

As of October 22, 2018, you are now able to view the dissertations and theses included in this retrospective project as well as those which have been submitted electronically since 2016 in W&M ScholarWorks, the university's open access institutional repository.

Below, please find a list of W&M theses and dissertations which have been digitized as part of this retrospective conversion project . The information includes the authors associated with the project, along with their degree-granting department and year of completion. If you wrote a thesis and/or dissertation between 1920 and 2015 would like to opt-out of the project by restricting access to your work to on-campus access only, then you will need to contact with your name, date of graduation and thesis or dissertation title. Theses and dissertations will continue to be made available through interlibrary loan (ILL) to other libraries, as they were when they were available in print. If you are a copyright holder for one of these works, and would like to provide additional information about a work, or discuss rights and access to the work, please contact us at

Showing 201 - 250 of 5288 entries
Title Author Department Year Degree
A numerical and spatial study of the meadow vole, Microtus pennsylvanicus Bowker, Margaret Whitney Higgins, 1946- Biology 1973 Master of Arts
A numerical model of the global carbon cycle to predict atmospheric COâ‚‚ concentrations Kambis, Alexis D., 1965- Physics 1995 Doctor of Philosophy
A numerical model study of estuarine residual circulation and stratification variations during spring-neap tidal cycles Jin, San, 1950- Marine Science 1990 Master of Arts
A numerical modeling study of storm surge and inundation in the Chesapeake Bay during the November 2009 Mid-Atlantic nor'easter Gao, Jie, 1987- Marine Science 2011 Master of Science
A numerical simulation and statistical modeling of high intensity radiated fields experiment data Smith, Laura, 1962- Mathematics 2001 Master of Arts
A paradigm shift in progress : the impact of work hour reform on the operative volume of surgical residents Mendoza, Kathryn A., 1965- Education 2004 Doctor of Education
A parallel two dimensional Delaunay decoupling method Linardakis, Leonidas, 1965- Computer Science 2003 Master of Science
A parlor in the penitentiary : prisons and reading in Victorian America Luff, Jennifer D., 1970- American Studies 1996 Master of Arts
A phenomenological analysis of schizophrenic delusional systems as a regression toward a shared, primordial thought structure Savage, Ronald, 1942- Psychology 1976 Master of Arts
A phenomenological investigation of women's experience in family counseling : interviews with ten mothers Krumpe, Sharon W., 1947- Education 2002 Doctor of Education
A physical education program for a small Virginia high school Hooker, Henry Lester, 1921- Education 1948 Master of Education
A pilot study of the Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program with gifted and potentially gifted learners in grades 3, 4, and 5 French, Heather M. Education 2005 Doctor of Philosophy
A place of honor and fruitfulness : World War One and the war activities of women from the elite women's colleges LaFave, Helen Grace, 1962- American Studies 1994 Master of Arts
A plan for improving the guidance services in a Virginia high school Pitts, George Cameron. Education 1951 Master of Education
A plan for improving the pupil activities program in a Virginia high school Postlethwait, Franklin Niel. Education 1952 Master of Education
A policy analysis of the federally mandated undergraduate desegregation criteria measured by retention strategies for minority students at a senior public traditionally white institution in Virginia Simmonds, Robert M., 1947- Education 1985 Doctor of Education
A political biography of John Witherspoon from 1723-1776 Anderson, John Thomas. History 1979 Master of Arts
A post-Watergate study of children's attitudes toward political authority Kozak, Frederick Richard, 1950- Government 1976 Master of Arts
A praxis of empowerment : critically exploring family-school-community partnerships in Mexico and the United States Dotson-Blake, Kylie Phares. Education 2006 Doctor of Philosophy
A precision measurement of the lifetime of the positive muon Giovanetti, Kevin Louis. Physics 1982 Doctor of Philosophy
A precision measurement of the magnetic moment of the sigma minus hyperon Hertzog, David William. Physics 1983 Doctor of Philosophy
A predictive validation study of criterion-referenced tests for the certification of soldiers in specialist-level military training programs McDaniels, Darl, 1928- Education 1988 Doctor of Education
A preliminary study in general learning ability Shelburne, Thomas P., 1913- Education 1937 Master of Arts
A preliminary study of shad, Alosa sapidissima (Wilson), spawning in some Virginia rivers Massmann, William Henry, 1919- Marine Science 1952 Master of Arts
A preliminary study of the effect or impairment of the vomeronasal organ on the recovery from reproductive inhibition in prairie deermice from laboratory populations Cathers, Tama Elaine, 1965- Biology 1991 Master of Arts
A privacy preserving framework for cyber-physical systems and its integration in real world applications Wang, Haodong. Computer Science 2009 Doctor of Philosophy
A probability programming language : development and applications Glen, Andrew Gordon, 1962- Applied Science 1998 Doctor of Philosophy
A procedure for the utilization of subliminal perception to assess and modify personlity Collins, Daniel Ralph, 1942- Education 1974 Doctor of Education
A procedure to measure the effects of covert death anxiety on the physiological and affective responses of student nurses Weeks, John Luther, 1933- Education 1990 Doctor of Education
A program evaluation of a leadership academy for school principals Wagner, Kristi E., Education 2014 Doctor of Education
A program for using Colonial Williamsburg as a laboratory for the study of colonial life Forsyth, Louise Birnie, 1920- Education 1942 Master of Arts
A proposal for the coordination of private boys' camps and secondary schools in Virginia Bailey, Robert Sydnor, 1906- Education 1944 Master of Arts
A proposed curriculum guide for the seventh grade of the Matthew Whaley School Crank, Mary Eugenia. Education 1955 Master of Arts
A proposed football signal system Brakefield, James Andrew. Physical Education 1950 Master of Arts
A proposed method for teaching reading, writing and spelling by means of controlled phonograms Wells, Forrest Hampton, 1899- Education 1952 Master of Education
A proposed physical education curriculum for boys in Virginia high schools Simonson, Louis Asbury, 1911- Education 1948 Master of Education
A proud crow in a pigeon's nest : the independent Zora Neale Hurston in Mules and Men Lo, Olivia T., 1967- English 1991 Master of Arts
A publisher's hand : strategic gambles and cultural leadership by Moses Dresser Phillips in antebellum America McMaster, MaryKate. American Studies 2001 Doctor of Philosophy
A qualitative exploration of twelve licensed professional counselors' perspectives on the construct of shame Kresser, Mary. Education 2003 Doctor of Philosophy
A qualitative investigation of the counseling experiences of college-aged women with a history of self-injury Craigen, Laurie Marie. Education 2006 Doctor of Philosophy
A qualitative study of clergy career satisfaction, functioning, and clergy-congregant relations Mc Donald, Brian R. Education 2004 Doctor of Philosophy
A quantitative study of benthic fauna in lower Chesapeake Bay with emphasis on animal-sediment relationships Stone, Richard Byron. Marine Science 1963 Master of Arts
A reading of Death and life Belloni, Lisa, 1952- English 1977 Master of Arts
A reading of Robert Henryson's Testament of Cresseid McDonald, Craig, 1952- English 1976 Master of Arts
A recipe for relationships : a qualitative investigation of couples' relational interactions during meal preparations Hermann, Katherine Maya, 1979- Education 2012 Doctor of Philosophy
A Reflection to life : a social and economic study of cedar grove cemetery, Williamsburg, Va. Boyd, Varna G., 1959- Anthropology 1988 Master of Arts
A relativistic model of pion nucleon scattering and pion photoproduction on a single nucleon Surya, Yohanes, 1963- Physics 1994 Doctor of Philosophy
A republican abroad : John Adams and the diplomacy of the American Revolution Smith, Robert Wilmer, 1967- History 1991 Master of Arts
A review of tenure policies in private higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1964 to 1974 Van Newkirk, Jack C., 1936- Education 1975 Doctor of Education
A riot of devils : Indian imagery and popular protest in the northeastern backcountry, 1760-1845 Moyer, Paul Benjamin, 1970- History 1994 Master of Arts