Theses & Dissertations Digitization Project

William & Mary Libraries worked for two years on a project to digitize and catalog W&M dissertations and theses going back to 1920 and up until 2015.  The project helps to accomplish many goals:

  • share the developments and research conducted here with scholars around the world
  • preserve the scholarly record
  • increase the impact of theses and dissertations
  • raise the profile of graduate students
  • grow the reputation of William & Mary
  • demonstrate the institution’s impact on local and global communities

As of October 22, 2018, you are now able to view the dissertations and theses included in this retrospective project as well as those which have been submitted electronically since 2016 in W&M ScholarWorks, the university's open access institutional repository.

Below, please find a list of W&M theses and dissertations which have been digitized as part of this retrospective conversion project . The information includes the authors associated with the project, along with their degree-granting department and year of completion. If you wrote a thesis and/or dissertation between 1920 and 2015 would like to opt-out of the project by restricting access to your work to on-campus access only, then you will need to contact with your name, date of graduation and thesis or dissertation title. Theses and dissertations will continue to be made available through interlibrary loan (ILL) to other libraries, as they were when they were available in print. If you are a copyright holder for one of these works, and would like to provide additional information about a work, or discuss rights and access to the work, please contact us at

Showing 251 - 300 of 5288 entries
Title Author Department Year Degree
A robe of eloquence : speech and power in the life and lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson Nelson, Robert, 1973- American Studies 1998 Master of Arts
A role analysis of police chiefs in contemporary departments Wolf, Thomas, 1952- Sociology 1977 Master of Arts
A school for stoicism : the life and letters of Thomas Tudor Tucker Dowdy, Diana Dru, 1959- History 1984 Master of Arts
A schoolhouse behind every cannon : freedpeople's education and Reconstruction in Virginia, 1864-1876 Pariseau, Justin Andrew, 1980- History 2005 Master of Arts
A search for a new gauge boson Jensen, Eric Lyle, Physics 2014 Doctor of Philosophy
A search for defect energy levels produced in Czochralski grown silicon irradicated with 22 MeV protons, using infrared absorption techniques Hill, Gerald Franklin, 1939- Physics 1967 Master of Arts
A search for higher twist effects in the neutron spin structure function gn2(x,Q2) Kramer, Kevin M. 1972- Physics 2003 Doctor of Philosophy
A search for lepton flavor violation in the neutral kaon system Hoff, Christopher H., 1967- Physics 1998 Doctor of Philosophy
A search for the body : Lécriture Féminine and Delta Wedding Nichols, Diane Truitt, 1945- American Studies 1990 Master of Arts
A search for the rare decay kaon(L)-->[mu]e Ginkle, John Fred, 1961- Physics 1989 Doctor of Philosophy
A seasonal study of Zostera epibiota in the York River, Virginia Marsh, George Alexis, 1937- Marine Science 1970 Doctor of Philosophy
A second Eden : the promotion and perception of Virginia, 1584-1624 Blahnik, Jennifer Lynn, 1980- History 2008 Master of Arts
A semi-empirical cellular automata model for wildfire monitoring from a geosynchronous space platform Killough, Brian D. Applied Science 2003 Doctor of Philosophy
A shop in the back street : late eighteenth century Williamsburg through the ledgers of blacksmith James Anderson Child, Kathleen Marie. Anthropology 2009 Master of Arts
A sketch of sufferings : power and patronage in Daniel Fisher's Virginia 1750-1755 Baker, Wendy Joyce, 1955- American Studies 1992 Master of Arts
A social historical exploration of the popularity of The Rockford Files Taormina, Mary Frances, 1965- American Studies 1989 Master of Arts
A social history of the private fence in nineteenth-century America Bishop, Lisa Brenner, 1967- American Studies 2000 Master of Arts
A sociological study of the needs of the elderly in a subarea of Hampton, Virginia Yeatts, Dale Purnell, 1952- Sociology 1978 Master of Arts
A spatial analysis of sugar plantations on St. Eustatius N.A. Delle, James A. Anthropology 1989 Master of Arts
A specialization approach to competition : self-evaluation maintenance in highly relevant performance domains within the context of romantic relationships Morewitz, Courtney L. Psychology 2003 Master of Arts
A sporting way : a study of hunting and fishing in some of the writing of Ernest Hemingway Musick, Frances Luckett, 1941- English 1974 Master of Arts
A statewide survey of professionals' opinions and practices concerning the assessment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children Thompson, Roberta Waller, 1962- Education 1998 Doctor of Philosophy
A statistical model to predict the incidence of pathogenic protozoa (Amoebida Acanthamoebidae) in oceanic sediments using surrogate variables Berman, Carl Robert, 1942- Marine Science 1983 Doctor of Philosophy
A stereoselective synthesis of CIS-2, 5-disubstituted pyrrolidines : precursors for the (5E, 8Z)-3, 5-dialkyl pyrrolizidines Shah, Mehul Shantilal, 1964- Chemistry 1987 Master of Arts
A stereospecific approach to the synthesis of pyrans Fukuda, Mark M., 1963- Chemistry 1987 Master of Arts
A stranger in the land? : reassessing the political writings of Gershom Bulkeley Kuckuck, Jeffrey W. History 2008 Master of Arts
A strategy for teaching decision-making skills utilizing simulation techniques Whitson, Marcella Fortner. Education 1974 Doctor of Education
A Structural and functional analysis of eighteenth century buttons Hinks, Stephen, 1961- Anthropology 1988 Master of Arts
A structural factoring approach for analyzing probabilistic networks Hayhurst, Kelly J. 1962- Mathematics 1989 Master of Arts
A study and comparison of the consumption basis of taxation Blevins, Douglas Wayne. Business Administration 1964 Master of Arts
A study at a Mach number of 2.01 of the shock boundary-layer interaction resulting from the deflection of a wedge mounted on a bypass plate Landrum, Emma Jean, 1926- Physics 1961 Master of Arts
A study exploring the educational needs of African-American pastors' wives within Baptist congregations Henry-Whitehead, Jocelyn Georgette, 1957- Education 2004 Doctor of Education
A study in the development of cooperative living in an elementary school Case, Virginia Richardson. Education 1943 Master of Arts
A study in the interrelations of measures of learning, five motor and two verbal problems Wilkerson, Woodrow W., 1913- Psychology 1938 Master of Arts
A study in Virginia politics : the Virginia House of Delegates, 1794-1796 Beeman, Richard R. History 1965 Master of Arts
A study in ways of developing initiative in pupils Spitzer, Mary Rebecca, 1912- Education 1941 Master of Arts
A study of 3-tropylium-1,5-hexadiene Hattersley, Elise Noma, 1975- Chemistry 1998 Master of Arts
A study of administrators' perceptions of change in three private liberal arts women's junior colleges : Averett, Southern Seminary, Virginia Intermont, in Virginia from 1966 to 1976 Smith, Aine Marguerite Peterson, 1943- Education 1978 Doctor of Education
A study of adult education in Virginia Spain, Clarence Hardy. Education 1939 Master of Arts
A study of aims for the teaching of science in the elementary and secondary school from 1902 to 1933 Starnes, Millard Filmore, 1891- Education 1938 Master of Arts
A study of an intervention designed to increase awareness of the effects of sex role socialization on the attitudes, cognitions, and behaviors of black high school girls Lewis, Mary Elizabeth Hubbard, 1951- Education 1983 Doctor of Education
A study of battered women utilizing the California Psychological Inventory - Revised, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Constructive Thinking Inventory and the demographic variable of times previously separated Grenier, Martha Miller, 1940- Education 1992 Doctor of Education
A study of black female assertiveness Golemba, Beverly, 1931- Sociology 1978 Master of Arts
A study of certain attitudinal and biographical characteristics of upper echelon administrators in the Virginia community college system Hurd, Paul St. Clair, 1936- Education 1973 Doctor of Education
A study of certain selected factors related to withdrawals Tyler, Kenneth Scott, 1905- Education 1946 Master of Arts
A study of changes in school and community resulting from cooperative action of community leaders and teachers Piland, Woodrow Wilson, 1915- Education 1945 Master of Arts
A study of classical and modern conservatism : the political thought of Edmund Burke and Michale Oakeshott Melding, David Robert Michael, 1962- Government 1989 Master of Arts
A study of college admissions policies in Virginia as a limitation on the development of the high school curriculum MacGregor, John M. Education 1950 Master of Education
A study of conditions of young school children in Maury School, Richmond, Virginia Walker, Frances Page. Education 1941 Master of Arts
A study of core special education competencies needed for public school building administrators Carver, JoAnne Yarbrough, 1949- Education 1992 Doctor of Education