Library Digital Signs

1.      The Associate Director of Strategic Communications & Outreach (ADSCO) will be responsible for determining, monitoring, and updating content for the digital sign system.

2.      General posting guidelines:

          A.    Content will be restricted to publicizing W&M libraries messages (to include promotion of library events, collections, services and news), W&M events, and other announcements of interest to the W&M community. 

          B.     Submissions will only be accepted from W&M departments/offices and student or campus organizations/groups.

          C.     Acceptable content:

                   a.       Announcements about events that are open to the campus community (lectures, performances, athletic and recreational events, workshops, etc.);

                   b.      Community service and volunteer opportunities;

                   c.       Special events (on or off-campus) that are open to the public and are sponsored by a W&M department/office or recognized student groups/campus organizations;

                   d.      General campus announcements (parking, construction and utilities);

                   e.       General campus news.

          D.    Unacceptable content:

                   a.       Announcements about or inquiries for items for sale or rent;

                   b.      Postings of events that are only open to a particular organization or club;

                   c.       Postings for commercial purposes, such as advertising for products or services;

                   d.      Postings of events that are not sponsored by a W&M department/office or recognized student groups/campus organizations;

                   e.       Political campaign messages promoting candidates and/or political issues;

                   f.       Messages that are racist, sexist, abusive, profane, violent or personally attack a person and/or organization.

          E.     Swem Library reserves the right to refuse content.

3.      Television and news content will be determined by ADSCO.  

4.      Generally, television news (as opposed to entertainment) stations will be aired during normal operations. The library will not entertain requests for hourly or daily channel changes. Channels may be changed for special events such as national championship sports games and national news events.

5.      Being mindful that students like to study in all areas of the library, the volume of broadcasts will usually be kept to a minimum.

6.      Members of the W&M community who wish to have an item posted on the digital signs should send a request to at least one week before the requested posting date. The request should include the designed slides in JPG or PNG format with a target size of 880 x 870 pixels.