Chapin-Horowitz Dog Book Collection

With over 10,000 items, the Chapin-Horowitz Collection of Cynogetica is the 2nd largest collection of books about dogs in the U.S.  An evolving collection, it contains scholarly works  in several languages dating back to 1537, as well as children's literature, breed guides, and publications of the American Kennel Club.

Communication between Rhode Island Historical Society librarian and dog book collector Howard M. Chapin and W&M librarian Earl Gregg Swem in September 1937 led to the donation of over 3,000 volumes and a modest endowment to establish the Peter Chapin Collection of Books on Dogs.

The collection grew by over 6,000 volumes in October 1988 with the donation of the Murray and Shirley G. Horowitz collection of books on dogs.

Not all the titles in The Chapin-Horowitz collection are in the library catalog yet.   If you do not find titles in your area of interest, contact us.