Kyle Collaboration Lab

The Kyle Collaboration Lab, located on the ground floor of Swem Library, is a media-enabled space for faculty to work collaboratively with instructional designers, instructional technologists, media specialists and librarians. It is available by appointment or for drop-in work and experimentation during Media service desk hours. Additionally, Swem has an ongoing series of workshops designed to introduce faculty to library and technology resources.

The space is equipped with computers, software and technology to support media rich work in the classroom and for research:

  • The lab is equipped with five Macintosh computer workstations.
  • Projection is possible from a laptop via VGA or DVI connections or through one of the dedicated Mac workstations. These sources can be projected either on the wall via a projector mounted to a ceiling and/or a large flat panel display.
  • The room is equipped with a touch panel for operating and routing the projection systems.
  • Media playback, including BluRay, VHS sources is also available via the flat panel display.
  • Color printing is available for faculty.
  • The lab is equipped with a variety of analog to digital conversion options (audio, video, document and slide scanning)
  • An inventory of loanable production related equipment is available for faculty including Macbook Pro laptops, USB microphones, Videocameras, Digital Still Cameras, Digital Audio Recorders, and a portable projector.
  • A workstation is also available with a subscription

Need help getting started with a project or idea? Your best bet is to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. Please send an email to