Author Services

Promotion of W&M research and scholarship

W&M Libraries is invested in helping W&M faculty promote their research and scholarship, whatever the format (journal article, book chapter, book, multimedia, visual, etc). It does this through using W&M's institutional repository, W&M ScholarWorks, which is  incredibly successful at promoting your work in Google, Google Scholar, etc by offering links to the full-text of faculty publications. (Sometimes this entails using an earlier versions, e.g. pre-print or post-print.) It also offers social media stats regarding publications in the repository, e.g. how many times they have been mentioned in Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Faculty also have the option to use the free-to-use SelectedWorks Gallery within W&M ScholarWorks to host their faculty profile, which links to works which can't be deposited in the full-text. SelectedWorks is also useful in recruiting new faculty by telling them about faculty here at W&M. Profiles in SelectedWorks can also be reused if faculty or staff go to another school which also uses the same software (Bepress). You can link to it from your departmental website. Library staff can set a profile up for you that you update yourself.

W&M Libraries can also help faculty with journal publishing. If you are on the editorial board for a journal or if the journal is an official William & Mary publication, you can publish and use the built in peer-review software through ScholarWorks at no charge to the journal. Ask  us for more information about this opportunity.


Intellectual property assistance

 W&M librarians can help faculty and students with issues involving copyright, licensing using Creative Commons and fair use. We also support students who want to learn more about embargoing their thesis or dissertation as well as those which have questions about copyright and using Creative Commons licenses for their publications.



W&M Librarians can help you to identify the most likely journals or publishers to accept your submission based on topic.

We can also provide assistance with negotiating the terms of your author agreement so that you can try and retain ownership of your work.


Data management

Need help with writing a data management plan to comply with your research grant or journal? We can help with best practices for structuring and describing your data sets, as well as potential places to post your data set. We can also post them in W&M ScholarWorks.


Open Education Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER’s): If you want to adopt free, online textbooks to save your students (who spend about $1400 annually on them), we can help you to identify what’s out there (including library subscriptions to ebooks) or walk you through authoring your own. You can also post OER that you have already created (slide decks, handouts, etc) online in W&M ScholarWorks so that students everywhere can benefit from them.