Music Library Student Assistant

The Music Library is committed to building a diverse student staff. The Music Library Student Assistants staff the Music Library circulation desk during some limited day shifts, evenings and weekends.

Music Library
Pay Rate: 
Hours per week: 
5-6 (2-4 hour shifts)
  • Provides general reference services during assigned reference desk hours, including weekends and evenings working alone; participates in email, chat, and phone reference. Refers queries to Arts Librarian as appropriate.
  • Acts as the point person for facilities and all operations of the Music Library and Ewell Hall after 5pm evenings and during weekend shifts.
  • Checking materials out to patrons, checking in returned materials, marking materials used, and reshelving them in the library.
  • Helps patrons with playback of media in many formats (cassette, lp, compact disc and electronic resources). Troubleshoots media editing station software when possible.
  • Is able to assist patrons with troubleshooting of software and equipment issues. Refers queries to Arts Librarian when appropriate.
  • Assists with special library projects as assigned.
  • Strong commitment to customer service and working with the public.
  • Effective interpersonal, communication, presentation and organizational skills.
  • Good working knowledge of PC hardware, Windows- and MAC OS-based applications. Knowledge of technology uses specific to music, preferred.
  • Knowledge of music and interest in learning more about all musical styles and genres.
  • Problem solving skills to aid patrons with research questions and resolve any facilities issues that arise when the Arts Librarian and Music Library Assistant are not available.
  • Ability to read music.

To apply, complete our application for student employment.