Long-Term Lending Program


Sometimes life-long learning requires some long-term help. Are you working on a creative project that requires special equipment? Do you need access to cameras, microphones or other devices for more than a few days? If so, you might be interested in our pilot service: Long Term Equipment Loan Program.

Program Overview

The Long-Term Equipment Loan Program allows eligible faculty staff & students to borrow equipment from our current lending inventory for extended periods, up to an entire semester.

For the Spring 2024 semester, interested faculty, staff, and students must apply through the application form by February 9.

The Finest Print

All faculty, staff and currently enrolled students at W&M are eligible to participate in the Long-Term Equipment Loan Program. To borrow equipment, students must be in good academic standing and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Long-Term Equipment Loan Program policy.

The equipment loan period is up to an entire semester. Students must return the borrowed items by the established due date, which will be communicated upon equipment pickup and via email. Failure to return equipment on time may result in fines or the suspension of borrowing privileges for future semesters. General Availability: This is a pilot program and there will be limited number of items assigned to it from our general inventory. Applicants are also encouraged to suggest items for the program that we may not currently have. Based on demand, we will seek to expand the technology available through this program. Once an application is approved, equipment will be available for pickup at Reeder Media Center in Swem Library. Please ensure you collect the equipment promptly, as late pickups may affect availability for other students.

Care and Responsibility Borrowers are responsible for the proper care and safekeeping of the equipment. Any damage, loss, or theft must be reported immediately to mediahelp@wm.edu. Students will be held financially responsible for any repairs or replacements required due to negligence.

Termination of Loan

The Reeder Media Center reserves the right to terminate equipment loans if a borrower violates program policies or fails to return items by the specified due date. Repeated violations may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges. By participating in this program, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the outlined policies and guidelines. We hope that this initiative contributes to your academic success and enriches your learning experience.