We have a number of spaces available within the Reeder Media Center that are available to W&M students, faculty, and staff.  And everything's reservable. Workstations can be booked for three hours at a time and studios for five.

If you would like to book a classroom to work with a librarian, contact the liaison page.

If you have any questions about any of our spaces, please email!  


These spaces are available to the W&M community and can be reserved online. Please note that both Studio 2 and the Production Room require training before use.



Collaboration Booths




Production Room


Podcasting Kit




Our classrooms are available primarily for librarians partnering with W&M faculty. If you'd like to book a room for a class, contact a library liaison. For non-academic events and meetings, contact For more information, visit our room policies page.

Ford Classroom


Cox Classroom


Kyle Classroom



Screening Rooms

Our two main screening spaces – the Botetourt Screening Room & Botetourt Theater are available primarily to support library instruction, library meetings and events, library staff training and development, course-related screenings, and occasional use by faculty for class sessions. Email us at to reserve these spaces.

Botetourt Screening Room

Botetourt Theatre