COVID-19 Update

To maintain a healthy environment, some of our spaces are not available. Media workstations and Studios are available and can be reserved online. Please remember to keep your mask on at all times inside the studios, and maintain a capacity of 1 person. The Production Studio is not available. If you would like to book a classroom to work with a librarian, contact the liaison page. Screening spaces are not available this spring - please contact us if you need a film for your course.

We have a number of spaces available within the Reeder Media Center that are available to W&M students, faculty, and staff.  And everything's reservable. Workstations can be booked for 3 hours at a time, Studios for 5, and Studio 2 for 8.

If you have any questions about any of our spaces, please email MEDIAHELP@WM.EDU!  


These spaces are available to the W&M community and can be reserved online. Please note that both Studio 2 and the Production Room require training before use.



Collaboration Booths




Studio 2


Production Room




Our classrooms are available primarily for librarians partnering with W&M faculty. If you'd like to book a room for a class, contact a library liaison. For non-academic events and meetings, contact For more information, visit our room policies page.

Ford Classroom


Cox Classroom


Kyle Classroom



Screening Rooms

Our two main screening spaces – the Botetourt Screening Room & Botetourt Theater are available primarily to support library instruction, library meetings and events, library staff training and development, course-related screenings, and occasional use by faculty for class sessions.  

Botetourt Screening Room


Botetourt Theatre