Warren E. Burger Collection

Photo of Warren E Burger
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger (1907-1995) in his chambers at the Supreme Court, undated. Photo: The Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution.

The Warren E. Burger Collection consists of the lifetime professional papers and memorabilia of the late Chief Justice Warren E. Burger (1907-1995), as well as of related acquisitions, collected by the Special Collections Research Center at William & Mary Libraries.

From 1986-1993, Warren E. Burger, one of the most influential legal figures of the 20th century, served as the 20th chancellor of William & Mary. In 1996, Wade A. Burger donated his father’s papers to William & Mary and the university is honored to serve as the permanent home of this immeasurable resource for future historians and legal scholars. The collection is made up of approximately 1,200 cubic feet of papers, 2,500 photographs and more than 300 artifacts. 

A permanent exhibit featuring the Chief Justice's desk and bench chair, as well as selected artifacts and documents, is open to the public in Special Collections. For selected images from the office exhibit and for more information on Warren E. Burger, visit the Warren E. Burger Online Exhibit.  More information on the Warren E. Burger Collection can also also be found in our Special Collections Research Center Knowledgebase.

In accordance with the donor agreement, the Warren E. Burger Papers are closed to researchers until at least 2033.*

* The deed of gift specifies that the papers are to remain closed to researchers until 10 years after the last Justice who served with Warren E. Burger on the Supreme Court has passed away, or 2026, whichever comes later.


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