The Stephens Project

Contact us to volunteer to be interviewed.

Established in memory of Stephen H. Snell and Stephen E. Patrick, the Stephens Project seeks to document the stories of the lives of William & Mary GLBTQ alumni, faculty, staff, and students. It is a long range (multi-year) oral history project coordinated by Swem Library, which will record the personal experiences of individuals while concentrating on their years at or associated with William & Mary. The project will focus on memories relative to the William & Mary years and their impact on later life including recalling what gay and lesbian life was like at that time at William & Mary, coming out stories during the college years, the impact of being gay or lesbian at William & Mary, experiences related to William & Mary GALA, Inc. as well as student, faculty and staff groups, and other memories.

The Stephens left a legacy of documenting the history and the community that is William & Mary GALA and the College of William & Mary. Consequently, many generations of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and scholars may learn from, and be enriched by, the experiences of others. The Stephens Project is that legacy which ties the past with the present in order to transform the future.

Interested in participating?  Contact us to volunteer! A number of people have already been interviewed and we hope to interview many more. We have some preparation materials for you to review and will work with you to prepare for and schedule your interview. At the time of your interview, we will discuss any restrictions you may wish to place on access to your interview.  

We also actively collect material for the archives. Our wonderful special collections are due to the generosity of many people who have given personal or family papers, organizational papers, treasured books, and other items over the years.  We continue to rely primarily on donations, both monetary and material, to build our collections.  Whenever possible, gift titles are previewed for suitability before being accepted.  We will contact you to discuss the interview or potential donation of material further.

Interested in supporting the project? It was Stephen Snell’s wish to establish the William & Mary GALA Oral History Project in conjunction with Swem Library at his beloved College of William & Mary. Contributions may be made to the W&M GALA Oral History Project (Allocation #3168).