Scholarship on Display
April 29, 2022 to January 22, 2023

Graphic with a blue head with interconnected dots in the shape of a brain, with a speech bubble reading "Linguistics" followed by the IPA spelling of Linguistics, and "Scholarship on Display" in blue text below the head and speech bubble.Scholarship On Display is a rotating exhibit series showcasing faculty work from academic departments and programs at William & Mary. This installment, located in Swem Library’s lobby, features publications and research from faculty members in the Linguistics program.

The William & Mary Linguistics program was founded in 1978 to provide students the opportunity to explore language as both a faculty of mind and a social institution. Its curriculum studies language from a variety of different perspectives to teach students how language is structured and how it varies within and between communities. W&M Linguistics hosts an active research agenda, and faculty frequently include students in research opportunities in the program’s multiple labs.

This exhibit highlights the dynamic and multi-faceted research and scholarship of the program’s faculty, some co-authored with students. With topics as varied as language and memory, online discourse among those with disabilities, language’s role in identity, the Muskogee (Creek) people, linguistic revitalization, singular “they,” phonological sound patterns, communication and understanding, language acquisition, and Spanglish, the research produced by W&M Linguistics faculty clearly demonstrates Linguistics as a vibrant field employing diverse disciplinary and methodological lenses.

Check out the research of the Linguistics program's faculty on W&M ScholarWorks.

Library liaison to the Linguistics program: Liz Bellamy, Instruction & Research Librarian
Exhibit preparation: Natalie Rue, Metadata Specialist; Rosie Liljenquist, Publishing and Open Access Librarian; Shayna Gutcho, 2019-2020 Mosaic Fellow; and Jennie Davy, Exhibits Manager
Exhibit design: Alex Wheeler '23, SCRC Graphics Student Assistant
Exhibit installation: Alex Wheeler and Jennie Davy