Lost & Found

February 19, 2013 to August 23, 2013

Wampo (William and Mary Pony), circa 1937

University Archives Photograph Collection, UA 8, P2000.40


During the more than three hundred years of William & Mary history, some of the college artifacts, library possessions, and personal items that had been lost or taken were eventually returned to the College. At one point, the school's mascot even vanished without a trace. Whether things disappeared due to rivalry, thievery, or more mysterious reasons, someone cared enough to return them to the college, and many once lost treasures now make their home in Swem Library’s Special Collections Research Center.

Images of the exhibit are available from Special Collections on Flickr.

Curator: James Tolj, History Graduate Student Apprentice; Exhibit design and installation: Jennie Davy, Burger Archives Specialist