Piece by Piece

an interactive collage on holistic wellness from diverse points of view
April 7, 2022 to October 15, 2022
Image of a freestanding bulletin board with collaged photos, illustrations, and poetry in a library
Piece by Piece is on display in Read and Relax on Swem Library's First Floor.
Presented by Lips, a community-based student organization that aims to uplift and center marginalized voices through periodic zine publications, activism, and education.

How to Interact:

This interactive collage was inspired by Take What You Need, Leave What You Want boards. It is supposed to evolve and change over time, so don't worry about “messing it up.” If you see something that resonates with you, take it to keep! Use it as decoration, give it to a friend, carry it with you—it's up to you, it's yours. Want to contribute? Add something of your own or feel free to use some of our pre-prepared materials.


This collage centers work by artists of color, as well as queer, disabled, migrant, and indigenous creators.

Wellness as it is depicted in the media most often excludes diverse perspectives, and is instead catered towards white, upper-class audiences and is associated with consumerism.

However, self care has historic ties to the Black Panther party and Black feminist writers. In Audre Lorde's collection of essays titled, A Burst of Light, she described using self-care to cope with cancer and racial trauma. "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence,” she wrote. “It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Self care is radical for those who experience structural inequality. Furthermore, self care cannot be removed from community care. To truly promote wellbeing, both are essential.

See the Collage Sources document for links and more information about the artists featured in the collage.


This collage began as an internal project for the Mosaic House, an on-campus residential house involved in intellectual exchange about culture, diversity, interracial community, and sexuality. We created a prototype, but quickly realized that this project required a larger medium and a wider audience. However, we needed more help, which is where Lips comes in.

Lips is a community-based organization that aims to uplift and center marginalized voices through periodic zine publications, activism, and education. Lips believes that art can be a tool for radical change and personal healing. Art extracts the political implications of our personal experiences and can create dialogues and propel movements that resist oppression. If our mission and this project appeal to you, consider joining us Wednesdays at 8pm in Boswell 314 or submit to our zine by April 13th at lipswm on instagram.

Project Organizer: Joey Houska '24