UnMade in Cuba

Carteles de Cine
February 5, 2016 to January 31, 2017

Film posters generally draw attention to movies that have been projected on screens. These carteles de cine, however, reference “ghost films” that were never made. In showcasing Cuba’s rich cinema and vibrant graphic design traditions, these 53 images — captivating and colorful — pay homage to island creativity.  

Several of the films featured in UnMade in Cuba are by directors who have visited W&M — Fernando Pérez, Juan Carlos Cremata, Esteban Insausti, Humberto Solás, and Orlando Rojas. W&M students have helped share their works with a broad audience — collaborating to translate scripts, subtitle documentaries, and film interviews.

UnMade in Cuba is brought to you by W&M Libraries in partnership with the New Media Workshop, co-taught by Professor Ann Marie Stock (Hispanic Studies, Film and Media Studies) and Troy Davis (Director of Media Services). As part of this course, students will research the artists and filmmakers — communicating and connecting with many of them — so as to create an on-line exhibit. Agapito Martínez envisioned this series and convened the designers in Havana; Jennie Davy (Exhibits Coordinator) lent curatorial expertise. Generous donors have made possible the acquisition and display of these materials as well as this innovative learning opportunity.  


Images of the exhibit are available from Swem Library on Flickr.