Hiroe Hanazono

Class of 1939 Artist in Residence Exhibition
November 30, 2023 to December 14, 2023

Pastel party sets by ceramics artist Hiroe HanazonoArtist Statement:

Originally from Japan, I am a Philadelphia-based artist and educator who produces uniquely designed porcelain and stoneware tableware in my home studio.

My upbringing in a Japanese household and my life-long passion for food drives me to design and create dishes that enrich the presentation of food while enhancing the dining experience.

I create forms that consist of simple lines with muted colors. I use minimal design and a limited color palette to create an ideal setting for the display of food. My process includes wheel throwing, handbuilding, and slip casting.

Detail image of condiment set by ceramics artist Hiroe HanazonoThis exhibition is both a survey of my work over the past 15 years, and an illustration of the various processes I taught in my class at William & Mary. Some pieces were made during my residency at W&M, where I was able to use processes familiar to me, but also to take advantage of facilities on campus — primarily the Makerspace — to explore new processes. Other pieces were made in my studio in Philadelphia.

I am all about food! When you look at my work on display, I hope that it inspires thoughts for a meal you would like to serve.

Hiroe Hanazono


Exhibition sponsored by the Department of Art & Art History at William & Mary


I would like to thank William & Mary for the Class of 1939 Artist in Residence and for the opportunity to have this exhibition.

Thank you so much to: Mike Jabbur, who invited me here, for all of the guidance and support throughout the semester; Michael Gaynes for helping me with digitizing my hand drawn design on the computer, among so many things; Chris Wagner for putting up with my random stop-bys and helping to provide everything I needed; Jonathan Frey and his amazing team of students, Ella, Ethan and Catesby for not giving up, figuring out how to make my prototypes; Martha Jones and Bill Hutton for providing me with such a lovey and comfortable place to stay, along with so many other things; Jenn Myers and David Janesko for continuously giving me great creative energy; Nikki Santiago for finding the exhibition space; Patrick Smith for creating the promotional materials; Jennie Davy for your guidance in installing my work; Cathy Jacobs for all your administrative help; Craig Ebner for unconditional support; and all other people who supported me to make this exhibition happen. I am very lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.