Featured Exhibit

The Brafferton School story quilt created in 2022 by Nottoway artist Denise Walters
February 10, 2023 to April 21, 2023
Location: Special Collections Lobby

Recent scholarship offers new insights and interpretations about the Brafferton Indian School’s history and legacy. Interrogating the extant documents from the era demonstrates the role of both the College and its Indian school in a wider narrative about the trans-Atlantic colonial encounter. Remembering includes responses from several Native artists from tribes that sent students to the Brafferton Indian School in the eighteenth century.

Current Exhibits

  • Icon with yearbook portraits of the first thre Asian ancestry women at W&M

    The First Three Asian Ancestry Women at W&M

    January 25, 2023 to April 16, 2023
    Location: Swem Entrance Gallery

    Charting Diverse Pathways explores the lives of the first three Asian ancestry women to attend William & Mary: Hatsuye Yamasaki Kajiwara ‘37, Margaret Lee Masters ‘45, and Beatrice Fujiwara Sakai ‘53.

  • Chief Justice Warren E. Burger seated at desk in his chambers at the Supreme Court.

    The Warren E. Burger Collection consists of the lifetime professional papers and memorabilia of the late Chief Justice of the United States and former William & Mary Chancellor, Warren E. Burger (1907-1995). The exhibit provides a glimpse at some of the photographs and memorabilia, as well as an overview of the recreation of Burger's Supreme Court office inside the Special Collections Research Center.