Staying Connected

Together Serving Others, October 2011-October 2015
March 1, 2016 to March 28, 2016

The artwork displayed in this exhibit commemorates the 40th Reunion of William & Mary's Class of 1975 and the culmination of the Staying Connected initiative. Founded and led by its Class President, Van Black, Staying Connected brought together Class of 1975 volunteers with other alumni, family, and friends over a period of five years to support William & Mary students in service, social change, and career-related interactions.

Five students were commissioned by the Staying Connected initiative to create original art and poetry after a student/alumni outreach process, an interview, and a review of their portfolios. The guiding principle given to each student was to express the spirit of Staying Connected and the impact the project had on them in the media of their choice. One student was personally involved in Staying Connected; while the other participants learned about it through their friends, alumni, or by reviewing Staying Connected documents and videos produced by other students.

The exhibit features artwork from Yuming Cao, Class of 2017; Emily Anderson, Class of 2015; Alexis Foxworth, Class of 2015; Blair Stuhlmuller, Class of 2016; and Kelsea Hull, Class of 2015.


Images of the exhibit are available from Swem Library on Flickr.


Artwork commissioned by the Staying Connected initiative, led by Class of 1975 President Van Black. Exhibit design and installation: Jessica Molz, SCRC Graphics Student Assistant, and Jennie Davy, Burger Archives Specialist.