Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is available in the paid parking lot behind Swem Library. Visitors may park in any one of the designated areas and establish a pay-by-phone session using the Passport Parking app to cover the cost of parking. 

The minimum session is 2 hours and the rate is $2.50/hr.

Map showing Swem Library on Landrum Drive, with parking spaces, entrances, and steep path grades indicated

Passport Parking Pay-by-phone

The university uses the Passport Parking pay-by-phone app to manage visitor parking on campus. Non-affiliated guests no longer need to stop by the Parking Office to purchase a temporary parking pass for the length of your visit. Visitors may park in any one of the designated areas in the parking lot behind Swem and establish a pay-by-phone session to cover the cost of parking. Take note of the zone number posted where you parked.

How to pay for parking with the app:

Accessible Parking

The accessible entrance on the back of Swem has a large white WM cypher and green and yellow graphics
The accessible entrance behind Swem Library.

There are accessible parking spaces on Landrum Drive behind Swem. A short distance across the street from the parking spaces is an accessible entrance to Swem. The entrance has a yellow box with a button to ring for access. If you need staff to meet you at the entrance, please contact our circulation desk so that we can make arrangements ahead of time.

Visit the W&M Parking and Transportation page for complete information.