Introducing William Judd, Instruction & Research Librarian for Business

In this post, we introduce the newest member of the McLeod Business Library, William Judd!

What does your job entail?
My official title is Instruction & Research Librarian for Business. While that contains key elements, it does not cover it all. In this role, I will teach most of the library instruction sessions for the Mason School of Business. Additionally, I provide research consultations with students, faculty, and staff. Beyond this, I supervise the student workers here in the McLeod Business Library. My role will also include collection development as we seek to have robust collections of resources relevant to our library users. Finally, I will be organizing outreach events designed to foster community within the business school.

What interests you most about this job?
The job is truly multifaceted, which is one of the things that interests me the most. Since arriving here on January 10th I feel like I have not had any two days that felt alike. I appreciate that this role is closely tied to the success of our students and that is extremely important to me as a librarian. Lastly, I am interested in this role because it is a challenge. My previous role at the University of Tennessee was more of a generalist position, and so I am looking forward to drilling down into subject specifics as they relate to the various components of business and the various tracks our students are on.

What do you hope to accomplish in your first year?
My primary goal is to develop good working relationships with our business faculty and our students. They are the reason why I am here. Next, I want to develop my expertise in the resources that McLeod Business Library provides. These are the tools I will be teaching and working with daily, and so I want to become proficient with these resources. Lastly, I want to find my voice as an educator, and I believe that this will come with more classroom experience.

Tell us a little about your work background:
I’m a relatively newly minted librarian, as I received my Master of Science in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in December 2022. My last job was also at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville at John C. Hodges Library where I was one of the Public Services Librarians for Outreach and Engagement. I have also worked in student roles at the library at Tennessee Tech University, Meadville Lombard Theological School, and Vanderbilt University. My other degrees are from Vanderbilt University and Lipscomb University, both of which are in theological disciplines. 

What attracted you to W&M?
I think the first thing that attracted me to W&M was its reputation for academic rigor. The size of the campus was also important to me. It is hard to connect and build relationships with students on a campus with over 30,000 students. I was looking for a role that would help me grow as a librarian, and I felt that this position was geared towards this. Those things initially attracted me to apply for this position. Having the chance to interview on campus allowed me to develop a deep appreciation for the campus. Beyond the campus's aesthetic appeal, it was the warmth and genuine interest of the people that truly stood out to me. I felt a strong sense of welcome and support, making me believe in their investment in my success. 

What do you like to do in your free time?
My dog, Charlie, pretty much fills up all my spare time. He's always super happy to greet me after work, so it's a no-brainer to hang out with him in the evenings. However, he doesn’t get all my free time. I also enjoy board games and role-playing games. I hope to start hiking more once the weather improves. I’ll also note that I haven’t owned a television in years so while I enjoy watching movies and shows, I would rather do something more active than passive with my free time.