Dear friends,

2018 has been a year of change for William & Mary Libraries. We have bid farewell to several staff members who decided to take the leap into retirement. This translated into many hours examining job descriptions, evaluating services and organizational structure, posting positions and interviewing candidates. Happily we have welcomed a number of talented professionals to our team.

Our experience this year has shown us that while space, collections and services are vitally important, our people are equally essential to defining W&M Libraries as an extraordinary library system.                                                       

A critical goal in the months ahead will be fully staffing our research and instruction team. In the past three years, library instruction has increased 72 percent, nearly doubling the number of students reached. Additionally, the number of students meeting with librarians has increased 130 percent, illustrating the much needed and sought after support provided by our expert librarians.

As you can see, our success lies in our people and supporters, like you, who make reaching our goals a reality. The list of what we can do because of private support is long! We have a growing oral history program, a thriving alumni author speaker series and a new diversity internship program for W&M students.

Your support means the world – literally – allowing us to make a difference at home and across the globe.

With Tribe pride,

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Carrie L. Cooper
Dean of University Libraries