Swem Makerspace

 A service desk is set up in front of the Swem Makerspace where you can make an appointment and get help with a project Monday through Sunday. For complete updates, please visit The Makerspaces at William & Mary.

The Makerspaces at William & Mary are pleased to offer a range of tools and state-of-the-art equipment in the Swem Makerspace for use by all current students, staff, and faculty.  The makerspace is in room #139 next to the Learning Center on the main floor of Swem. The following equipment is available:

  • Range of 3D printers

  • Variety of 3D scanners

  • Vinyl cutter

  • Selection of stitching machines

  • Pin-back button making machine

Using the equipment is a fun, engaging, and creative experience. However, machines and successful projects do require a small amount of background knowledge for optimal performance. To ensure that our machines and patrons stay happy, W&M Libraries require that all patrons who wish to schedule time with our equipment agree to our common sense safety policies. 

Training Sessions

Trainings are 1-on-1 in-person. Visit the Makerspaces at William & Mary website and get started by clicking the Make an Appointment tab.

Reserve Equipment

Access to the equipment in the Makerspace is by appointment only. Stop by the service desk in front of the Swem Makerspace to make an appointment or ask questions. You can also request an appointment by clicking the Make an Appointment on the Makerspaces at William & Mary website: makerspaces.wm.edu.

Learn More & Find Resources

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We've prepared the following guides to walk you through the steps of preparing for your projects:

There is so much more equipment (laser cutters, CNC router, lathe, wood-shop, Scanning Electron Microscope, etc.) available for use. Visit the campus makerspace webpage and click on Service Desk to get started.