Therapy Pet Visits

Therapy animals must be licensed through a recognized certification program and handlers must adhere to the program’s rules and regulations. All handlers must also adhere to the following:

Prior to your visit

  • Every visit must be confirmed with the volunteer coordinator. Please contact the External Relations Office at
  • Swem Library must have the following documentation, updated annually:
  • Animals must have up-to-date vaccinations.

During your visit

  • Handlers must display their current membership/ID cards around their necks and pets must wear an official identification tag.

  • Handlers must have written proof of their dog’s vaccinations readily available at each visit.
  • The session may be ended early if the animal becomes unruly or disruptive. If improper behavior happens repeatedly, the handler may be told not to bring the animal back until significant steps have been taken to eliminate the behavior. Handlers with animals that are unclean or noisy may be asked to leave the library.
  • Swem reserves the right to end the session for any reason.

Safety precautions

  • Handlers must never leave their animal alone with staff or patrons.
  • If an incident or injury occurs, immediately contact the Circulation Desk. In case of a severe injury, Circulation will call 911 and will document the incident on all required forms.If the incident is a suspected bite, isolate the animal immediately, report the incident, and end the visit.