Internet & Wifi Access

W&M's Information Technology provides a convenient wireless network for "anywhere" access. There are two networks to which you may connect:

  • W-M_Wireless
    The traditional network, supported by all wireless computers and available to guests
  • eduroam
    Connect to a secure wireless network, even while traveling!  Eduroam (education roaming) offers secure wireless service, not only at W&M, but also while visiting any other eduroam institution.  

Guest wireless network access

All visitors and guests to the College of William & Mary campus will have 12 hours of free access on the unencrypted wireless network once per week.  Guests may also access the W&M encrypted wireless network and request to extend access beyond the 12 hour guest period by having a W&M sponsor.  Anyone with a e-mail address may sponsor guest access.  Conference attendees may ask that the conference organizer sponsor access, using the same process as a regular campus visitor.

How to Connect

  1. Open up a web browser, and you will be automatically directed to the network authentication page ( 
  2. Click "I'm a guest/conference attendee" and put in your name and email address.
  3. Then pick between the standard 24 hours of guest access or additional access with a W&M sponsor. 
  4. For additional access, you will enter the email address of the W&M sponsor.  This must be an email address ending in "" (,,, are all acceptable). 
  5. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.