Reproductions & Permissions

Swem Library is moving things around! Due to summer construction plans affecting our Digital Services department, digital reproduction will be limited beginning May 1, 2023 with digitization expected to resume the middle of October 2023. This temporary hold will affect all new reproduction requests larger than 10 pages.  

Please visit our Digital Archives to view Special Collections' material already available online.  

Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to assisting you with your digitization projects later this fall.

General Information 

Special Collections offers a variety of photographic and digital services for visitors. Patrons should view the fee schedules for reproduction services and permission to use images in advance of making a request. Permission to reproduce, publish, or exhibit copyrighted materials or restricted materials must be obtained from the Director of Special Collections and/or the copyright holder.  If used in a published work in any format, including web pages, the material must be appropriately cited. 

The staff of Special Collections reserves the right to refuse to copy any part material on the basis of its condition or the donor’s restriction.  Many items in Special Collections are simply too fragile to be copied or photographed.  All reproductions will be done within Special Collections. When planning your visit to Special Collections, we encourage you to bring a camera to allow you to leave with images for use in your personal research. Patrons may view detailed information on permitted personal cameras and devices allowed in our Reading Room under Plan A Visit.  

Placing Your Reproduction Order 

All reproduction orders submitted to the Special Collections Research Center should be placed through your Special Collections Request System account. Visit our page on how to request copies of materials.