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An Acquired Taste

  • ca. 1872 stereoview of DoG street
    Posted October 20, 2021
    I am old enough that several of the places that I have lived over the years have been torn down, including the house on South Boundary Street that I lived in for two years as a W&M student. To all those who wander up and down DoG Street: think about the street's very different appearance before Colonial Williamsburg and many buildings were removed during its development. The stereoview below shows a very familiar building (the powder magazine), which had a very different setting prior to CW.
  • TikTok
    Posted October 8, 2021
    April 13th, 2021 marks the entry of the first TikTok into William & Mary’s Special Collections web archives.

Current Exhibit

  • Yearbook photo of Pu Kao Chen, William & Mary Class of 1923

    The Asian Centennial at William & Mary: Pu Kao Chen '23

    Swem Library Entrance Gallery
    October 7, 2021 to December 31, 2021

    In 1921, Pu Kao (P. K.) Chen, a Chinese international student from Tsing Hua College in “Peking” (Beijing), boarded the steamship China to come study at William & Mary. In doing so, he became the first Asian student, and the first student of color on record to attend W&M