Potential Assignments

Assignments for Close Observation and Critical Thinking

See, Think, Wonder

This activity prompts students to look closely at an item and reflect on what they see, what they think about it, and what their observations lead them to wonder.

What's in a Record?

Students will review a selection of archival records/manuscripts and make observations about what type of information is recorded, who created the records, whose voice(s) are/are not represented, and discuss why. This activity will prompt students to think critically about archival research, how archives are created, and how history has shaped what gets documented, collected, and preserved.

Books as Texts, Books as Art, Books as Objects

Students will examine different types of books, learning about how books are more than just words on the page. Unique examples can include fore-edge painting books, serials, 3-dimensional books, zines, artists' books and handmade books.