A new space for graduate students

Swem Library has a new Graduate Student Commons. Brought to you by Swem and Arts & Sciences Graduate Studies, this area is a dedicated study space for all graduate students. Located on the second floor across from the Center for Geospatial Analysis, the commons will offer space to store research material, study areas and a place to collaborate with peers. Graduate students will be able to access the space by swiping their W&M ID cards through the card reader at the doors.

In addition, the space will occasionally host programs tailored for graduate students. On Thursday, Sept. 17 graduate students are invited to the commons for a session on copyright and publication agreements. Swem’s Digital Scholarship Librarian Kathleen DeLaurenti will be discussing how to protect copyrights, how to negotiate with publishers, the fine print of publication agreements, and more. The session will be held at 6 p.m. in the commons. Pizza provided!