W&M Libraries Announces the 2024 Undergraduate Research Award Winners

The William & Mary Libraries Undergraduate Library Research Awards recognize the creative and original library research completed by William & Mary undergraduate students. Awards are given to students whose papers best illustrate exemplary use of W&M Libraries' tools and resources and the development of information-gathering skills. Four awards are granted each year in two categories: Freshman/Sophomore and Junior/Senior. 

Junior/Senior Category 

FischerFirst Place: Taylor Fischer ’24 - $750 
Taylor Fischer ’24 has received the first-place award in the Junior/Senior category for her paper, “’Thirsteth for the Blood of America’: Propaganda and Violence during the American Revolution.” The paper examines how propaganda, violence, and racial narratives intertwined during the American Revolution, shaping colonial perceptions of British brutality and contributing to the path toward independence. In selecting Fischer’s paper, the award committee was struck by the compelling narrative and multiple library and archival collections used in the research. 

VasudevanSecond Place: Megha Vasudevan ’24 - $500 
Megha Vasudevan ’24 the second-place award in the Junior/Senior category for her paper, “’I got a Migraine and that Sucked’: College Students’ Affective Stance Towards their Migraine Experiences.” The paper examines the Affective Stance of college students experiencing chronic migraines. The award committee was impressed with Vasudevan’s unique topic, analysis of interviews, and varied use of scholarly sources.  

Freshman/Sophomore Category:  

OlsonFirst Place: Hannah Olson ’27 - $750 
Hannah Olson ’27 has received the first-place award in the Freshman/Sophomore category for her paper, “Achieving Impactful Treatment for Pediatric Endocrine Disorders through Primary Care in Low to Middle-Income Countries: a Scoping Review.” In this review article, Olson utilized the Arksey and O’Malley framework to identify and summarize the findings of twelve studies relating to the treatment of those suffering from pediatric endocrine disorders. In selecting Olson’s paper, the award committee was impressed with the well-articulated methodology and an excellent library essay. 

KlingmanSecond Place: Harrison Klingman ’26 - $500 
Harrison Klingman ’26 has received the second-place award in the Freshman/Sophomore category for his paper, “‘On Earth, as it is in Heaven’: The Holy Family and Beguines in the Southern Low Countries.” This paper explores how Beguines sought to emulate the Holy Family's values and familial dynamics through their writings, interactions with sculptures, and personal prayer practices. The award committee liked the exploration of the topic and the inclusion of sculptures in the analysis.