24 Speed Filmmaking Competition

24 logoSince 2005, William & Mary LibrariesCharles W. Reeder Media Center has hosted the highly anticipated 24 Speed Filmmaking Competition. Again we partner with W&M's Global Film Festival! 

The “soul” of 24 Speed has always been its community building thrust of inviting students and alumni to collaborate (physically) on a creative project. However, the current pandemic and our healthy together commitments require us to make this look different. There’s a pandemic going on, and we must remain diligent. 

After all, 24 speed has always been a fun and creative way to create something together physically. But our community is in a precarious place right now, and we’ll look back on this as a temporary blip on the 24 speed radar. 

So, this year’s 24 Speed contest will not be a team event, but rather an individual one. Additionally, and to be transparent up front, 24 Speed 2021 will be an editing contest and will require no original shooting.  This is not to emphasize the isolation we all might feel now, but rather to responsibly maintain our resolve to remain healthy together, and to find a way to continue a tradition of community-based creativity that we cherish. Creativity is the result of limits, not of their effacing. So we continue. 

That's a wrap for 2021!

Student submissions can be viewed here.
Alumni submissions can be viewed here

This year's student winners:

Jury Prize  Best Overall Film, Best Homage: "Derailed" by Claire Hogan

Jury Prize - Best Footage Find AND Audience Award Winner "Burning Pile" by Sylvie Joyner

Jury Prize - Best Use of Source Material - "Sadness Wins Awards" by Aiden O'Halloran

Jury Prize - Most Credible Trailer for a Film that Could Exist - "Manic Mechanic" by Lily Szalay

Jury Prize - Best Use of Line of Dialogue - "The Chemical That Turns People Into Cats" by Erik Wells

This Year's Alumni Winners

Best Overall Film - "Unboxed" by Zach Keifer - Genre: Unboxing

Runner-Up Best Overall Film - "Coming Soon" by Brian Terrill - Genre: Family Friendly

Career Achievement Award - "Eye of the Wolf: Creating the Wolfs Eye" by Part Time Box - Genre: Blockbuster

Recent Graduate Award - "Crimeflash" by Ben Fox - Genre: Crime Documentary

Best Editing - "The Foils of War" by Alison Freedman - Genre: War

Best Sound - "Interstellar Hygiene and You" by Ted Hogeman - Genre: Hygiene

Best Use of Genre - "How to Be a Cat (for Humans)" by Kaitlyn Pendleton - Genre: Instructional

Best Narrative Concept - "24 Speed Explains Sea Shanty TikTok" by Erin Thigpen - Genre: Newsreel


Take a look at our W&M Libraries YouTube page for all the previous 24 Speed films!