Open Education Week

What is Open Education Week?

Open Education Week’s goal is to raise awareness about free and open educational opportunities that exist for everyone, everywhere, right now.  We encourage faculty to sign the pledge below, and learn more about Open Education Week and resources available at William and Mary on our research guide!

Faculty Statement on Open Textbooks

As faculty members, we affirm that it is our prerogative and responsibility to select course materials that are pedagogically most appropriate for our classes. We also affirm that it is consistent with this principle to seek affordable and accessible course materials for our classes whenever possible. This includes open textbooks and teaching materials as well as collections and e-resources provided by the library for which the students pay no additional costs.

Therefore, we the undersigned declare our intent to:

  1. Seek and consider open textbooks, other open educational resources, and library-licensed resources when choosing course materials.
  2. Give preference to a low- or no-cost educational resource such as an open textbook over an expensive, traditional textbook if it best fits the needs of a class.
  3. Work with our subject liaison librarians to identify library licensed material appropriate for classes.
  4. Encourage the institution to develop support for the use of open textbooks and other open educational resources.

Statement of Support


  • Ranvir kumar
  • Sonia Jindal
  • Sami Shannon
  • Rudraksh Roy
  • Danya AbdelHameid
  • Thomas A. Daniel
  • Calandra Waters Lake
  • Quint Guvernator
  • Natalee Price
  • Leslie Cochrane
  • Susan Via
  • Peggie Constantino
  • Wouter Deconinck
  • Sharon Zuber
  • Jonathan Arries
  • Sarah Glosson
  • Giulia Pacini
  • Jason Chen
  • Mark Hofer
  • Christopher DeLaurenti
  • Arthur Knight
  • Jamison Miller
  • Jordan T. Walk
  • Pamela Eddy
  • Megan Tschannen-Moran
  • Judi Harris
  • Christy Porter
  • Ann Marie Stock