C Databases

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  • Sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Journal articles from journals published by Cambridge University Press. Coverage: Varies by title.

  • Art images from around the world: photographs, paintings, sculpture, decorative & utilitarian objects, prints, drawings & watercolors, jewelry & costumes, textiles, and architecture. All content is rights-cleared for educational use. Coverage: All time periods.

  • Catalog of newspapers, journals, dissertations, archives, government publications, and other traditional and digital resources for research and teaching; special strength in publications and archives from developing nations. Coverage: Varies by title.

  • Ceramics industry, including the manufacture, processing, applications, properties, and testing of traditional and advanced ceramics. Citations to conference proceedings, books, patents, standards, and company product literature.

  • Comprehensive tax and accounting research database covering tax and accounting laws and news on the international, federal, state and local levels. Provides access to a variety of primary sources, analysis, journals, news, cases, and rulings. Students can register for a free account at: http://www.checkpoint-registration.riag.com/schools

  • A leading African American newspaper, with more than two-thirds of its readership outside Chicago. News articles, photos, advertisements, obituaries, cartoons, etc. Full page and article images with searchable full text. Coverage: 1910-1975.

  • Searchable version of the most recent edition.

  • Full page and article images with searchable full text from the Chicago daily tribune (published 1847-1858; coverage 1849-1858), Chicago press and tribune (1858-1860), Chicago tribune (1860-1872), Chicago daily tribune (1872-1963), Chicago tribune (1963-current file). The collection includes digital reproductions of every page from every issue in PDF format. Coverage: 1849-1993.
  • Access to current and historical information relating to the growth and development of children through the age of 21. Indexes hundreds of journal articles and a bibliography of technical reports, books, book chapters, theses, and dissertations covering biomedical and social science worldwide.

  • CLCD is the premier single-source, single-search provider of online information to help educators and librarians find just the right books to meet their educational and collection management requirements. CLCD provides over 2.6 million Children's and Young Adult Literature records containing more than 500,000 professional reviews of children’s books, multimedia and audio books (aggregated from 42 sources). The database provides over 1.6 million entries including 650,000 national, state, and international award entries (725 Awards and growing) dating back to 1922.

  • News and information about higher education, job listings in academia, discussion forums, and career-building tools such as online CV management, salary databases, and more.  To search issues, scroll and click This Week’s Issue, then View Issues by Year.  Click these instructions for accessing the Chronicle via off-campus computers, mobile devices, and iPads.   Note: although the Chronicle.com website includes coverage from 1989-present, only the most current year plus one year can be searched by issue.  To browse earlier years, use the database Academic Search Complete.
    Coverage:  1989-present (see note above)
    More info: PDF icon Instructions for Access
  • International affairs. Working papers from universities, occasional papers from NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, conference proceedings, books, journals, policy briefs, case studies by international affairs experts, course packs for history and political science classes. Coverage: 1991-present.

  • Premier database for nursing and allied health literature. Includes references to journals, American Nurses' Association and National League for Nursing publications, nursing standards of practice, and critical paths.

  • Contains seven parts: Part I: A Newspaper Perspective; Part II: The Soldiers’ Perspective; Part III: The Generals’ Perspective; Part IV: A Midwestern Perspective; Part V: Iowa’s Perspective; Part VI: Northeast Regimental Histories; Part VII: Abraham Lincoln Library Abolitionist Books.

  • Army life 1861-1865 through regimental histories and first-person accounts. An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1865-1920.

  • Social sciences, humanities, science, and technology. Citations to journals from Latin America in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English. Coverage: 1975-present.

  • Classical music, including vocal, choral, orchestral, chamber music, stage and screen, opera, and operettas.

    Includes recordings, program notes, composer biographies, and play lists by category. Coverage: Medieval to contemporary.

  • The enactment and implementation of the Clean Air Act Amendments and other environmental issues. News clippings, articles and editorials, speeches, studies and research reports, memoranda, etc. An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1989-1991.

  • The first novel written by an African American, William Wells Brown. Includes the full extant texts of the novel’s four versions (1853, 1860, 1864, 1867). A Rotunda Collections database. Coverage: 1853-1867.

  • Colonial America will make available all 1,450 volumes of the CO 5 series from The National Archives, UK, covering the period 1606 to 1822. CO 5 consists of the original correspondence between the British government and the governments of the American colonies, making it a uniquely rich resource for all historians of the period. Access: Modules 1, 2 and 3

  • England's governance of, and activities in, the American, Canadian, and West Indian colonies. Digitized versions of the Privy Council and Related Bodies: America and West Indies, Colonial Papers (Collection CO 1 from The National Archives, London) and the Calendar of State Papers, Colonial: North America and the West Indies 1574-1739. Fully searchable. Coverage: 1574-1757.

  • Primary sources and original research held by the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library at Colonial Williamsburg. Includes manuscripts; historical, archaeological, and architectural research reports; York County probate inventories; and the Virginia Gazette 1736-1780. Coverage: 17th-early 19th centuries.

  • Communications, journalism, and mass media studies. Journal articles, also searchable cited references. Coverage: 1915-present.

  • Theoretical research and practical applications in computer technology from around the world. Citations to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books, and press releases. Coverage: 1981-present.

  • Engineering, computer theory and systems, and new technologies in their social and professional contexts. Citations to journal articles, professional publications, and reference sources. Also includes searchable cited references for key journals. Coverage: 1965-present.

  • The "real and true history of (Southern) public opinion during the war." A mixture of issues and papers, some only single issues. An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1860-1865.

  • Consumer-oriented health information covering all areas of health and wellness. Reference books and encyclopedias, journal articles, drug information sheets, health reports, images, videos, etc. Coverage: Current.

  • Provides access to the online version of Consumer reports magazine, as well as additional features. Includes ratings and recommendations on thousands of products and services in categories including appliances, cars, electronics and computers, home and garden, health and fitness, babies and kids, food, personal finance, and travel. Includes product test videos, interactive guides, advice forums, consumer news, and more.

  • Part of the Literature Resources from Gale, covers authors 1900 to present. Includes biographies, literary criticism, and citations to other relevant biographical sources.

  • Provides access to over 250,000 streaming tracks of contemporary world music from over 169 countries and 800 labels from around the world.

  • Copper, copper alloys, and copper technology. Citations to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books, and press releases. Coverage: 1965-present.

  • Items originating from prisoners. Mostly letters, but also receipts for parcels, money orders, personal effects, paper currency, and realia. An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1936-1945.

  • Corrosion science and engineering, including general corrosion, testing, corrosion characteristics, preventive measures, materials construction and performance, and equipment for many industries. Citations to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books, and press releases. Coverage: 1980-present.

  • Life sciences, environmental sciences, and the aquatic sciences; also physics, engineering, chemistry, and materials science. Citations to papers and poster sessions presented at major scientific meetings around the world. Coverage: 1982-present.

  • Annual coverage of the people, elections, legislation, and controversies in the US Congress. In-depth reviews and analyses. Coverage: 1945-2012.

  • Government, politics, and US history. Full text of popular reference resources, including Politics in America, Guide to Congress, Encyclopedia of Political Science, and Voter Turnout in the United States 1788-2009. Coverage: Varies by title.

  • Integrates data, authoritative analyses, concise explanations, and historical material to provide a research and reference tool on voting and elections in America. From the American voter, to major and minor political parties, to actual races for Congress, the presidency, and governorships, the collection provides context-driven intelligence on the state of elections in America. Chronological coverage varies by office. Presidential coverage begins 1789. Election data can be downloaded.

  • Issues and controversial subjects in the news. In-depth coverage of a single topic at a time, with extensive text and bibliographies. CQ Global Researcher covers international issues and crises. Coverage: 1991-present.

  • Searchable full text of the current handbook, critically evaluated chemical and physical data, as well as structure drawing and searching. Coverage: Current edition.

  • Digitized reference books (encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries, thesauri, atlases, quotation dictionaries, handbooks, etc.) in many subjects.  Searchable full text across all volumes. Date coverage: Varies by title. Access available to unlimited users.

  • Primary-source collection of ca. 45,000 fully-searchable documents from the Casa de las Américas in Havana, documenting the culture and cultural relations of Revolutionary Cuba and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Documents the founding of the Third Republic, created as a result of a compromise between pre-war Czechoslovak Republic leaders and the Czech Communist Party (KSC). An Archives Unbound database. Coverage: 1945-1963.